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Of them were saying well you know you're from barbados why isn't yours central by doing mrs yet or will wait for you to get one central by first before we take you seriously or we see the sun will wait for another large organization maybe like they're buying international settlements to give full sanction of this well that wasn't really working out quite well and in meeting doctor timothy antoine of the eastern caribbean central back when i had told him about this technology he went and did his homework and and one of the key things that he said was i would not be the governor that allows fair told us back we want to ensure that are people are empowered and i'm paraphrasing i don't remember exactly what with said he said but along the lines of fair will not be the stock show the whole despite we will ensure we need to do what we need to do for the empowerment of our people and in two thousand seventeen i met this gentleman name rawdon adams and robyn adams was eight gentleman who had a level of pedigree a son of the soil and barbados and his grandfather and father were very important portant character study evolution of the barbados political and business fair along without the caribbean 'em our central bank as the tom adams financial center a the the airport you london barbados the grammy adams international airport solely on his family had done well put barbados on the caribbean on the map i believe his grandfather was the chairman of the west indies federation which today if kerry comb a the same carry called met i spoke about earlier on her on her call

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