Arkansas, Tulsa County And Omar Villafranca discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


A string of violent destructive tornadoes tears through southwest Ohio, transportation, crews north west of Dayton, they're using snow plows to clean up debris from I seventy five and trot would there's widespread damage to homes and schools in Salina eighty thousand customers across the state have no power another tornado reported in Madison County. Indiana emergency management spokesman. Todd harmless, just believe at this time it is not safe. We do not want people to be driving, or walking around in the town of Pendleton, due to power lines, still being on the ground tornadoes, but severe flooding concern elsewhere correspondent, Omar Villafranca. Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma is urging residents who live near Tulsa county Levy along the Arkansas. River folks need to be prepared for the worst and hoping for the best downstream near Fort Smith. Arkansas, the river, has reached historic levels, and it's not expected to crest. Until Wednesday twenty feet above

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