Explainer 170: Will Mohamed Morsis presidency be remembered?


In a parallel universe. Muhammed Morsi is heading towards the end of his second term as the first elected head of state in a long history of Egypt in the actual universe. He has been buried in our Alam all cemetry in Cairo following funeral prayers in the mosque of Cairo's Tora, prison and news, the gyp Shen state television is reporting that the foam of president Hamid Morsi has died. He died on Monday, aged sixty seven after collapsing in court. Morsi had been a prisoner since his presidency was ended roughly year after it began by a coup d'etat in two thousand thirteen. Nothing about what happened to. Muhammed Morsi is much of an advertisement for the people who have been running Egypt since removing him from power. Back at the city, I there was the removal itself, whatever is available. One might reasonably have had about the prospect of Egypt being governed by the Islamist movement. The Muslim Brotherhood in which Mosey was a senior figure, Morsi and the brothers were the people's choice in two thousand and twelve year after a revolution ended the long dictatorship of house, new Mubarak. It was more see who won Egypt's first meaningfully democratic presidential election. Second. The has been more treatment, subsequent to being ousted from office and imprisoned on charges, including espionage, terrorism and others claimed by his supporters to be political put ups Morsi was held substantially in solitary confinement. And according to Amnesty International denied access to medical treatment for conditions including diabetes and liver and kidney complaints. Again, one does not need to be in accordance with the aims, and I'm Bishen of the Muslim Brotherhood to think this is no kind of way to treat a prisoner. The Christian now. Well a question. Now is what effect if any the passing of Egypt's first properly elected president will have on Egypt and or the wider Middle East. The regime now in place in Cairo will work very hard to ensure that the answer to that question is none. None whatsoever. The haste with which Morsi was buried was not in itself. Sinister under Islamic tradition. Funerals should be held within twenty four hours of death, but it was telling that requests that Moore sees funeral be held in his hometown. Sharqiya province were refused. And that reporters were not granted access coverage in Egypt's state-owned newspapers was less than extensive as we go to air. No large-scale demonstrations have responded to more sees death. Those that more see may have gotten the message by now that the best of doing it in private, or they may be saving themselves until after prayers this Friday, expect a large security operation around Muslim Brotherhood, sympathizing mosques in Cairo and Alexandria, especially in the Middle Eastern region, and indeed, the wider world. There has been very little. In the way of official response to Moses passing most national leaders seem to have calculated that annoying country as important as Egypt by paying tribute to a dead enemy of its present government makes little diplomatic sense. Among the few to have spoken up president, Richard type one of Turkey who described Mosey as a martyr, and his successes as tyrants, in mea, shake tummy, m- bin Hamad, Al tiny of cata made a pointed statement of condolence to more cease family and to the gypsum, people Egypt is among those Arab countries which seven diplomatic relations with cata in two thousand seventeen citing cutters support for the Muslim Brotherhood. In the short term. At least if Egypt's rulers have anything to do with it. Mohammed more sees presidency will barely be remembered at all. It will be interesting to see what the longer view looks like more sees presidency was far from a success. The manner of its ending rather a clued the fact that Moore sees time in office was one of almost perpetual crisis. Not all of which was his fault, but all of which was his responsibility, because that's the deal with being president and more. Wasn't very good at being president. He was dreary dog Matic. Un-imaginative uninspiring and appeared to regard his election as the end rather than the beginning of a new political dialogue with Egypt's people. Muhammad MO walls president. Chosen as such by his fellow citizens. And this makes him absurdly a unique figure in Egypt's history. He may not have done it. Well, but he did it and proved that it was doable. That may yet be a significant legacy. Twenty four. I'm Andrew millet.

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