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Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. Create and publish a stunning website. All from one powerful platform. Go to wicks dot com to create your very own professional website today. That's w I x dot com in stay tuned, after the show to hear you can take advantage of special offer for talking tech listeners. More Raka from CBS Sunday morning. Has a great new podcast. Mo- Bidu Aries. And we've got him here on talking tech to tell you all about it. I'm Jefferson Graham. Let's just jump in and hear from oh, I'm a long time fan, reader of obituaries and, you know, any good OBE. It writer will tell you that a good old. But it's really about the life of I am of a person rather than the death of a person on CBS Sunday morning. I've always loved profiling people. And it occurred to me that there were a lot of great people from the pass. It didn't get a proper sendoff and some that didn't get an e send-off at all. And so that this would would be the, the right vehicle. I guess as cold award is at is to, to, to profile the subjects that are interesting to me, you know, and, and like I said, there's a lot to choose from beyond von meter in TV brothers. You're doing Sammy Davis in who else? Meander falls, because when they died out, forty thousand years ago, there was no open at least not one that we could find now there might be a stone tablet, somewhere in the Levant where they were given you know, sort of a proper sendoff, but I don't I don't think so we couldn't find anything in our own search in the archives are in Lexis Nexis, which I think people still use. So this was this was important for us to do next season. This is something that I've always been interested in the black congressman of reconstruction, which I know sounds like a funk band, but it's this period right after the civil war when there are a number of African American men most of whom had been slaves, who end up serving in the United States Congress. So it's those little pockets that are, that are interesting to me as well as well as people like Audrey Hepburn Sammy Davis junior, who we hopefully all. Love and remember. But our I think are due, for sort of a new a reevaluation and you're still doing Sunday morning at the same time. Absolutely. I have a lot of stories in the works. They're going off tomorrow to go profile Angie Dickinson, which I'm really excited about. So I was watching old policewoman episodes last night, and I highly recommend getting your hands on a policewoman DVD. Yes, they still sell those DVD's. That is an listening to the DVD commentary. It is, you know, I don't listen to enough DVD commentaries in his hilarious listening to her reminisce about the show what, what will be up. So it'd be next week the third one, the one that's releasing this Thursday is forgotten forerunners, which may be on ongoing thing. I do the years have collected names of people who I call sort of the pioneers before the pioneers. So there's a woman named Elizabeth Jennings. An African American woman who almost exactly. Hundred years before Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was was was was asked to sat down on that on that boss, excuse me. Among Gumri, Alabama, Elizabeth Jennings in New York was kicked off of a streetcar. And she ended up suing the railroad company that owned that streetcar. And she won and this is before the civil war, and led to the integration of New York's transportation system. And I mean it's a remarkable achievement and it's almost equally remarkable that we don't know her name. So this episode this Thursday, is about her about the African American man who played major league baseball, what passes the major leagues sixty four years before Jackie Robinson antibody woman who was the highest paid director in Hollywood during the silent era. So these are all names that I'm pretty sure you don't know. And but so it's this episode is our first where. Featuring people that you probably never heard of. Okay in that new episode every Thursday. But right, scratch, thanks Morocco for joining us on talking tech, you can find mobility Aries, and of course, talking tech where ever you listen to great online audio please rate and review our shows, and thanks everyone for listening. Sometimes having a great idea is the easy, part getting people to hear about your idea. Not always so simple. But now there's wicks at wicks dot com. You can start and publish your website for free wicks his artificial design intelligence, creates a stunning website for you in just a few minutes. You can choose from over five hundred stunning templates, or start from scratch just answer, a few questions about your business to get started wicks provides you with an all in one business solution to grow your online presence, plus all sites include Bilton SEO tools, so you can easily get found online, and in search engines, like Google, and Bing, build a website of your very own with wicks today. 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