Does Google purposefully make their Pixel phones a little subpar?


When we found out that Google was making its own hardware. We were like, that's strange. Why would Google do that too? They might potentially harm all of their partners. Do you think it's possible in any world that Google makes their pixel phones to have poor video recording? We're designs. Weird screens and not so good audio in order to make a slightly sub par product. So that people can criticize it and Samsung still can sell outs of phones while we can see is that possible. Or is that crazy not when they invested two billion dollars in HTC thousand was about to say like back when back when hardware was becoming a focus for Google on the next line. And all that stuff. I would agree with you Brennan, if they did not partner up with said companies. The HCC in the same case with smartwatch. Is they do the same with hardware with with fossil? I mean right now it's clear, which is the most successful company from an economical standpoint. It's apple would does apple do that special. They own the whole banana, and so Google gives Oto yams and odium the liberty to two with Android, whatever they want. But it's like the the purpose of the nexus in its time in the pixel later was you know, what OEM's do whatever you want. Dear consumers, if you want Android the way, we envisioned it here it is. And so it's like the true Android with. No nothing else. Or do you want the variants? I mean, you can pick. It's a free market in the markets big enough for everybody. And so I feel that I know I feel that Google wants to compete, but I just Mike God like they really they really need to try harder.

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