Salesforce to Buy Analytics Platform Tableau



Jason. What about the Salesforce news? Yeah. I'm Chris number talking about sales forces most recent quarter, I think it was last Wednesday's market foolery, and I mean it was it was another very good quarter of the company. I think it's helpful to remember. Exactly what Salesforce is. It's online solution for customer relationship management, and so altogether giving these companies a chance for all of their departments. Whether it's, you know, marketing sales commerce service all of these departments that gives them a shared view of your customers in one platform, and so sales worse, ultimately, you know, runs that platform of all of these different services and it plays into this idea that we are really operating in what is becoming a very digital economy, there their estimates that by two thousand twenty two more than sixty percent of global GDP will be actually digitized or or functioning as a digital economy, look around the things that we're doing today, that seems fairly plausible, so the, the acquisition of Tableau will give them the opportunity to do more with the data that their platform brings in. And I mean you remember when that long ago we're more Benny off the founders. The oh Salesforce was kicking around the idea of buying Twitter, which seemed odd on the surface, but really that was kind of data play to given Twitter's role in customer relationship management, and how people reaching out using that

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