Microsoft To Release Xbox Body Wash, Deodorant, Personal Care Products This Summer


You know how it is for some of the more intense video gamers. You're never sure if they actually eat, or if they sleep because you don't see them move from the same spot. And after a while there's the unpleasant smell. Yes, they spell like I like to save Phoenix often a body odor, so kinda gives a bad name to gamer. So XBox trying to clean up their act with a new line of yes, not making this up hygiene products, I should have been on brand new or not. True. So now gamers can take their XBox to the shower with a new shower gel. They can throw on some XBox deodorant and finish it off with some XBox booties spray XBox partner with a company called leads to develop the line of products that contain as they describe it natural essential oils. So this way, it's supposed to smell like greens. Centrists with hints of lime in winter lemons and Minton. Sage in some tree smells thrown in for good measure. It's already in some grocery stores and pharmacy. Sees taken off in Australia and New Zealand. But until they make their way here in the United States. Who knows if it smells as good as they say, but, you know, I think that if you were to look at the XBox smell, I don't think it's going to be meant in sage and lemon. I think it's going to smell like, I don't know. Doritos. And mountain dew all mixed.

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