Porcello silences M's after 1st, then Sox erupt


Gangqi playing good baseball improved that you know, only a half game out of first place. You might not be noticing because you're keeping your eye on the team a head of them, which of course, is the raise. But there is a team behind them. That's not bad. That would be the Boston Red Sox who were losing four to nothing end to one today report Selo gave up four runs in the first inning. He kind of settled down after that pits Sexton two-thirds and gave up just those four runs. All by the way, the Red Sox did a number on. King Felix thereafter, gotta run back in the second. And then eight more in third and a beat the Mariners nine five this afternoon that the Red Sox who started to game in third place with their win last night. They wanna above five hundred for the first time. Now, there are a couple of games, Bob. And they're only a. Scant three and a half games by the Yankees or excuse me three and a half game by the as right now front running raised and three games by the Yankee. You know, it's going to be Yankees Red Sox, right? All policies to the Tampa race who have done a nice job, not only this year, and they're in first place right now. But last year as well above five hundred team payroll to can't come close to matching with the Yankees and red talk to put together the fact that they are competitive almost every year in the division gives a lot of credit today management team and Joel Madden. And since he left Kevin cash both their manages done. Phenomenal jobs. When we get to September. You know, it's going to be Yankees Red Sox, right? The raise be hanging around and maybe in a wildcard mix, but it's going to be the Yankees and the Red Sox, but a division again, it's it is gotten a little slow out of the gate, but with the injuries the Yankees have ad red type injuries, not as many as the. If these two teams get healthy than the I think they're going to run away and hide from the division initiate much like they did last

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