11-year-old Blues fan celebrates Stanley Cup


Old Layla Anderson has an incredibly rare immunodeficiency disease because of the disease called H, L H. She's had bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy, that has meant some pretty significant hospital. Stays Anderson is also to put it mildly a fan of her hometown hockey team the Saint Louis blues and during the team's visits to the hospital, Leyla got to know many of the players on her favorite team. Her beloved blues were vying for the Stanley Cup versus the Boston Bruins in Beantown last night the day before the game. Her mother, Heather posed a question to Leyla captured on video. If you could watch the game anywhere in the world tomorrow, anywhere in the world, where would you watch boys play games, Boston, which seemed highly improbable, because Leyla Anderson has not been able to travel, what if they told you the blues called in they want you at the game. Boy, how said it's okay. He did. So Leyla found herself at the garden watching as.

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