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In the United States have video of a schoolgirl training adults on how to respond to a mass shooting as become an unexpected hit, racking up fifty million views the video was put together by two young straits who moved to New York a couple of years ago they were shocked at the normalization of school shootings. So they decided to weigh into the debate and Northop our North American correspondent Zoe Daniel has the story. Welcome to foods to Melinda today. We're going to be learning what to do in the event of an active shooter. It's a quantum after nine somewhere in America and a group of unsuspecting employee's again for a training session, we're going to bring in a special gosh. She's actually an expert on this. And she is going to be leading our team building events. Oh. A gasps from the group reflect this shock when eleven-year-old Caliente is the room to lead the listen. There is an active share you'd all be dead. When you talk out the shoe can tell where you are, and where you're hiding. Sometimes we play the game who can stay quiet is the longest. So we all, remember, you could hear a pin drop as Kylie drools the staff on what to do. If a gunman enters the workplace, you're going to try and protect her friends by pushing the tables and chairs against the doors. You also have to put a piece of paper over the door window, so they can't see in you can't cry the ad was my pro Bono. As part of the student-led much for our lives campaign that began after the deadly Han school shooting in parkland Florida last year. It was released exclusively on social media a couple of weeks ago so far. It's head about fifty million views and rising home Causton. I'm Alex and where the creators of the campaign generation looked down cost in Yorkshire and Alex little moved to New York for millburn about eighteen months. Ago to work at the McCann at agencies. They were immediately shocked by the normalization of gun violence school, shootings and the active shooter drills that children experience at school. We came across a tweet from a mum somewhere in America. And she was describing the moment kid came home from school, and this kid was excited because today he'd land had a survive an active shooter, forty two states mandate safety drills in schools. Research shows that millions of students participating lockdown drills h year, it was a drill at their own office that triggered the idea for the Ed. We're actually at work, and we had our own fire drill taking through the steps involved in a fire, and obviously an active shooter as well. We kind of said to ourselves what if a kid was running this thing, pulling the ad together? Wasn't easy somewhat places. Feared retribution from the pro gun lobby it took a year to make it happen. I think we had about four. Forty fifty knows before we gotta, yes. From a workplace. And then once we got that we needed to find L student, and she did a very quick kind of addition in the middle of a supermarket in the middle of an I'll send it to us. And we knew straight away, how special she was because although there was no set up there's no hidden cameras. The words she was saying with song credibly, powerful. Yes. Stand on the twin. See encouraged down. So they can't see your feet and they can't see your head. So they don't know that you're in the Eto trainees would warned so this shock and surprise was captured in the video, which was coincidentally released about the time that to mass shootings took place one on a university campus in North Carolina. The other at a school in Colorado gunfire erupted just before two pm Tuesday. Information on shooting officers responded, within minutes, both still students killed as they tried to protect the classmates this young boy told CNN how he sheltered in a cupboard with a baseball bat while the shooter was outside. I had my hand on the metal baseball bat. Just in case. I was going to go down fighting if I was going to go down. You were going to go down fighting with a baseball bat Nate. And again, how old are you? I'm twelve and I'm twelve. Twelve the timing may have helped video to go viral. There wasn't a lot of kind of gift wrapping packaging around this, this commercial, if you'd even call it that it's what kids in America at school. And it's putting it in an interesting environment, which is an adult situation. I listen for things that can help the police for temple. If you hear a lot of banks, like bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang? The shooter might be down the hall or if you louder ones like. He could be right outside your door. If the shooter comes in the room screaming won't do anything you have to try and fight back. Interesting. When you come into the country, you see everything for the first time with fresh us, so things other people take for granted and consider normal. You're quite shocked by and his lots of areas and culture without occurs. But this was one way cost tonight had to kind of pull up and Sakon. What and we were asking colleagues, you like is this really what you learn? And we're talking to principals and teachers and kids in the more found out about this thing, the more minds would blow on about the insanity of it. That children go to school and lend about that time, stables and maths at the same time had a survive guy with a gun. I had a teacher used to sing a song to make it easy to remember. Log down DEM lead, Saul hide. Look, though, doors in stay inside crowd, John down. Don't make assailed and don't cry. Or you'll be found at the end of the session the adults stood speechless, and Kylie also stood silent before answering the questions. What a report Zoe Daniel in New York.

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