Former Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Says 'When They See Us' 'Is Full Of Distortions'


This Netflix series that has come out called when they see us. And it's about the central park joggers, the central park jogger and the central park, five. So this is long been a hot point of contention in New York City tunnel from famously called for the death penalty to be applied to the central park five. There's a group of five lack men, who were basically, accused of rape of a jogger. And then later there was DNA evidence, a person came forward and made an admission that he was the person who committed the rape only his DNA was found on the woman, the way that this has been taken by the press is that none of these other five people were involved in anything bad, and all of this was basically black men being railroad in New York City for no reason. Well, now Linda fairstein, who's a prosecutor in the case has a piece in the Wall Street Journal that is. It's pretty devastating to this narrative here's what she talked about. She says at about nine pm, April nineteenth nineteen thousand nine a large group of young men gathered on the corner of one hundred and ten th street and Fifth Avenue for the purpose of robbing and beating innocent people in central park. There are more than thirty riders the women in the win the woman known as the central park jogger Tricia, mainly was not the only victim, eight others were attacked, including two men were beaten so savagely that required hospitalization for head injuries, reporters and filmmakers have explored this story countless times from numerous perspectives. Almost always focusing on five attackers one female jogger but each has missed the larger picture of what happened that terrible night, a write in the dark that resulted in the apprehension of more than fifteen teenagers who set upon multiple victims that associate path Natasha's race confessed in two thousand two to the rape of malay-, and that the district attorney consequently, vacated the charges against the five after they had served their sentences had led some of these reporters and filmmakers to assume the prosecution had no basis upon which to charge the five suspects in nineteen eighty nine. So it is with filmmaker Annan's Guarany in the net flicks mini series, when they see us a series so full of destroy. Falsehoods is to be an outright fabrication. It shouldn't have been hard for Mr. Verney to discover the truth. The facts of the original case are documented in one hundred seventeen page decision by New York state supreme court Justice Thomas Galligan in sworn testimony, given in two trials and affirmed by two appellate courts, and in sworn depositions more than ninety five witnesses, including the five themselves. Instead, she has written and utterly false narrative involving an evil mastermind me falsely accused the five I was one of the supervisors who oversaw the team that prosecuted, the teenagers apprehended after that horrific night of violence, Mr.

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