Fears rise over US conflict with Iran


As American warships and warplanes make their way to the Gulf much of the rest of the world is in a spin over the increasing tensions between the US and Iran on Monday. The French foreign ministers on flute Riyan called for Europeans to remain United on their support for the Iranian nuclear deal. The Russian Foreign Minister Sega lever of said something similar not long after. And then the Saudis way didn't think to oil tankers with the targets of acts of sabotage off the coast of the U A and pointed the finger directly at the Iranians will tell us more about how everybody else is behaving joined by robot folks from London's Evening Standard newspaper, a very warm. Welcome fight. This tier Robert let's set the parameters. I it's been said the chances of the US and Iran going to to to war are pretty low despite all the sabre-rattling by Washington except for one thing and we've been here before tonight. It's John Bolton both has throughout much of his recent diplomatic. Life. That's par. Ten years. These being obsessed with Iran, go back to nine eleven and where Rumsfeld when he Defense Secretary switched very quickly from Afghanistan. Remember to Iraq was really the problem after all invaded Iraq disastrously in two thousand and three even at that point. So I'm getting more than ten years. John Bolton was calling from the side saying, no, no, no, the real problem with Iran. We've got to deal with Iran that was a very revealing interview type profile will profile type had view in the New Yorker last month in which they got out reams of quotes from Bolton abide Iran, and it is a gained his a game of bluff don't blind man's bluff that's sending a carrier on rotation less sending a command and control ship that can land six hundred US marines. Why do they? You need them. They've got a big base at Doha and saying behave Iran and you'll breaking this apnea, and the Iranians as usual are playing it by the book one name, we have to bring in new should very odd. And I think is real joker in the Pank is Jeremy hunt, the not very powerful foreign secretary, foreign minister of the not very powerful UK. But the fact that the U K is being cautious about backing the US. At this stage is a break with president think of Tony Blair think of Jack Straw, and two thousand two and two thousand three and I think that this is why it is looking very difficult. But the other person who will be whispering in Botende air, or at least Kushner's the son-in-law of the prime minister of the preposition is bound be Benjamin Netanyahu. So you brought in. Three nations of the United States one of the main place. Jeremy hunt from the u k Benjamin Netanyahu from Israel. I've spoken about France and Russia and the Saudis nothing is happening military insofar as there is no hot conflict, but everybody else is jumping to it. Yes. There's a lot of war talk. Sorry, excuse me. And we mentioned it is Boten. And it does seem that Mike Pompeo the secretary of state seems to be playing some sort of game. But he went to Brussels rather unexpectedly ran into the foreign minister's all of a of of the either virtually or or actually including MRs Bungaree me, the Adam the spikes personal that responsible collectively for for for the EU and put it in sort of coming pollens that he moral less gaunt as far as you can read it through polite. Upmarket newsp- copy, he cut the bum's rush. He the people one buying, you know, we've got its wall. We've got to be really careful about Iran because typical in to the patent it, and they're repeat offenders in this. It's the diplomat. Build up building the case against Iran from the Trump party really hasn't worked.

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