2019 PGA Championship Odds


Obviously, let's start. Tiger woods. Okay. He's eight to one which, again I'm going to say is ridiculous. I would never been anybody to win a golf tournament eight to one. But if I had to I probably wouldn't take Tiger Woods in this one, am I wrong in saying? No. You're not wrong and saying that. And let me just preface that by saying a couple of things. You know, Beth page black is a serious golf. Course it is long. It's just a, you know, Scotia under seventy five hundred yards. It's got an incredible incredible slope of one fifty five so for people that are listening that may not be that attuned into golf having a plan. A golf course it has a slope rating of one fifty five is an analogous to climbing by climbing Mount Everest. You know what I mean? It's steep in Scott, it's got a course rating Bryant of a kitsch over seventy seven while that. And combine all of that. I mean it's incredibly difficult. Number two. They expect some weather, you know, whether it be, I think I've Friday and Sunday hole with a chance. A rain and I think that's going to eliminate half of the field, right there number one, because of the weather, and even if they didn't have whether there, Brian, I think half of the field is eliminated because if you're not a bomber on that golf course your chances are swimming to win in my opinion. So and what I've heard about this golf course, the greens are fairly small, it's a, it's a ball striking golf course. So a guy that hits the ball long and straight probably gonna win this thing. But I guess you could say that about many majors out there. Right. So I look at a guy like Brooks. Kapka. Okay, kept is around ten to one. He's one of the favorites I'll tell you right now. I'd rather put my money on captain Tiger Woods. Well, I agree because kept goes is playing very, very good golf right now. Secondly, tiger winning the masters, you know, getting a lot of pricks and winning the masters but a wins a win. Okay, how hard it is to win a major little go back to back and. Win two majors. It just doesn't happen. And I just don't think the, the outer in tiger saver, especially if it is cold and rain tiger does not play good in cold or rainy weather. He just doesn't well, that's because he's a worst. That's what he requires conditions. That's because he's maintenance. That's why Dennis gimme gimme a long odds darkhorse in this thing. Oh boy. Very good question. You know played last week, and I've always liked a lot of. Is he's from whereas from India, big Roly, poly guy hearing that? Not lahiri. No, no cured that copy barn. Right. Okay. He got the length. He's got the game. He's playing good. I said for years, this guy is got to explode in a good tournament. I don't know what his odds are two hundred and fifty to one but how much two hundred and fifty to one, okay, there you go. John daly. Thousand that's my Bubba Watson, sixty two one boys that that's true Bubba is sixty to one, you know, here's another guy who is just no confidence right now. You know who probably I'm gonna say, Jordan speech, right? Your meal. He's people are I hear the most ridiculous thing the other day that there were when George came out, and he had a stellar year, you know, two three years ago, they're going, there's our next Tiger Woods. There's our next tiger was you gotta be kidding me. Yeah. See, that's, that's just completely ridiculous. All I is so far awful lot. It's Redick doesn't hit the ball far enough. That's the bottom line in this day and age of golf to be one of the best players in the world you have to hit the ball, at least three twenty three thirty three forty t. Has a magnificent short game. We know he's going to win more tournaments and he'll probably win more majors. But he's in my opinion. He will never be the number one player in the world ever again. I happen to agree with you. And I think right now with him. He says he's a grobian he's getting better, especially the short Dame as funny, but he's got demons. And I think that's the only thing that's stirring up on the greens, real. Masonic temple and over thinking that people have been saying that for a long time. Yeah. It's going to be interesting to see how long guys it takes for him to shake those demons and and get back to being him. Let's talk a little bit about Jason day. If you ask me, a guy, I wouldn't really call him a long shot because he's about thirty two one in most books. But Jason day has had a lot of success on, Bethpage. He's had a lot of success on this golf course. I know he's not the best player in the world, but he used to be he knows what it's like to win big golf tournaments. It seems like he is getting much back into form. And he's playing some better golf again. He's my guy that I look at nice say, well might might not be a bad idea to put a couple of bucks on Jason day. He said success here, he can win this tournament. And then I look at a couple of other guys like Patrick Canley, like, Tony female these guys that I think are do they've been in contention, and majors before they certainly have the talent to win it, and it just for them. It's just about getting over the hump. Those are a couple of guys, maybe not the biggest household names, but guys. Is that our top twenty players in the world that I think can win tomorrow? Well, I agree with you. I, I disagree a little bit with can leave. And though he's having a hell of a season but you happen to mention the guy where my money's on to win this tournament. That's Tony female. Yeah. He's all the tools. He hits the ball long way Jos the ball. And he he's got a magnificent. Nag -nificant short game. He's an incredible athlete as long as he doesn't sprain his ankle, a couple days before a major. He'll be he'll be just fun. Every did that the masters. Zander Shaw fell doesn't. He owns that the long drive record like four hundred fifty yards. Doesn't he? Zander sharply. Yeah. Yeah. I was not aware of that. I was not aware of that. I mean he's obviously a fine fine player. I just personally, just don't seem in the Knicks on this. I wouldn't you know, think to bet them, but again, anything can happen, J D And don't forget, all these guys are damn good. But there's certain things you have to have on a golf course like this to really up your percentage in, if you don't have I think you're going to be hitting your gifts your head against well, obviously short game and putting anywhere. But you gotta have the lake to gotta get it in the stairway on this golf course. And again, I think they haven't, you know, this, this course, is held what three or four different big big tournaments before and experience is, is really kind of out the window. I think it just got to look at the guys that are coming in that are kind of hot playing goes speaking of hot. I'm glad you mentioned that because Dustin Johnson has a very hot wife and pulling the Gretzky he is let me mention a few guys Dustin. Johnson. I mentioned, his trophy, wife, Rory mcilroy is twelve to one Rickie, Fowler guy. We haven't talked about is right there at sixteen to one Jon Rahm and other one eighteen to one with Justin Rose. And then you have Molinari in D Shambo at twenty two one those guys that I just mentioned. Is it fair to say that, that those odds are correct? And those guys have a good shot to get this thing as well. I do. I do. I think this one they picked it. They take pretty good. You know, again, there's ways that you can play is, you know, playing really, really good golf not being the longest hitter of the world. And most of these guys, you know, have that they keep them play. They've got a good short game. They have a good imagination. And that's, that's what you'd be on any PGA tour event Brian. You know, that's sure. No absolutely

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