Apple triples down on augmented reality


I put the new apple pro display on my desk. Virtually it'll never be on there really. He was fun to see just how big thing is I mentor examine the new MAC pro politico of them's really clever use of technology. So good on I took a cheese grater and an ipad mini. And I put them next to each other and ice, quoted real hard and pretended. Which of us is this is. True. But you win. 'cause you got the cheese at the end. Okay. Right. Yes. Yes. Gromit. So, so Apple's cheesy finding everything in pretty much. How much do we actually know that, you know more about this denied do? And I imagine apple isn't saying anything. So what do we know? What we know is that apple has purchased in the past people that make micro displays that is micro LED's that are very, very small on the order of microns and. Those tend to be based on on gallium nitrate or Gan technology, because that's the only way to get a small enough and the benefit is that you get a lot of power savings, and they're very bright, which is what you need for augmented reality. So it's, it's pretty sure bet that Apple's working on that this idea of stereo Skopje that they're working on only adds fuel to that fire. So they filed a patent they've got an application that says stereoscopic rendering virtual three, d objects, will they showed us at W W C about ACLU's in so people can be a clued by three d objects which makes it that much more, realistic that you're working in three D space? And so if you can do that, and you can put up three d rendered objects pre rendered objects in front of him in the glasses, then it's just about making it that much more real that much more engaging.

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