Brad Pitt Is an Astronaut Trying to Save the World in 'Ad Astra' Trailer


Brad Pitt is the latest heartthrob to take on lorries favorite subject in movies space is here being sarcastic Donnie, just a little bit. All right. We posted this trail of the movie is called ad AD ad Astra and read pit plays astronaut ROY McBride travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his dad played by Tommy Lee Jones, other travel mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. It looked like Armageddon meets Michael bay movie was this movie. There is gossip going around Hollywood, that it is bad bad, because it was supposed to come out in February of this year. No trailers, no nothing really. Hold it from the schedule. They tried to save because Disney brought FOX. Yes, of course, they did Hollywood speak. Oh, gosh. We gotta dump this trash. I real dilemma with that because he doesn't want anything sinking of once upon a time in Hollywood. Right. Let's take a look at this trailer.

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