War of Will tops riderless horse, rest of field to win Preakness Stakes

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War of wills s for a little more around still four to make up at city ground a quarter together Pimlico, warriors charge leads the way. Well, they're at war per long war of willa Tyler athletes, slipping through the inside shifting out just a Tenet or left-hander here comes ever fast on the inside. And oh and Dale allayed bitterly outside war of will. Wow. War of will who said there, wouldn't be any story lines in the Preakness. That's all I heard all week and all the radio interviews, I was fortunate enough to do. There's nothing going on in the Preakness. Well, well, I think we can change all of that after war of wills victory one who was there to witness. It is Keith sergeant dementia advanced media, who we welcome for the first time here to win the gate. So talk to me about the vibe from the Mark Cassie barn after war of wills win was he feeling revengeful or was he feeling very matter of fact. Well, he downplayed revenge actor. I mean dismissed the question a little bit. But then you would hear him and he you know, you'd be how you could tell I think the one thing that really bothered, the most was the way the Gary west and a maximum security connections. And you can understand where they're coming from. But they the way they almost turned it around and tried to blame hinge jockey, and his horse for the way they wrote the Kentucky Derby, I think he. He kinda got a little ticked off about it. I mean he admitted he got ticked off about it. I think that bothered him a little bit. So, you know when when it came down to it, he just wanted a chance to, to as he put it. He just wanted a chance for fair shot. And I think he got it, you got a pretty clean trip. It does not often these days that when you don't have a horse going for the triple crown that a trainer and an owner commit to running in all three races, three races, and five weeks is not how horses are trained anymore. Yet, it seems that were of will is going to show up in the Belmont Stakes. What did marquess he say about that? Yeah. He said, if all things are ago he indicated after after eight ago, his his intention is to do it, and it kinda makes sense. I agree with you. That typically you don't see it, but I think a lot of these owners and trainers are kind of aiming for the three year old award, the horse of the year award. And that's probably a part of the motivations for Gary west and teach services. Well, when it comes to maximum security now that, you know, the Kentucky Derby, was what it was. And now. You the Preakness I think they're going to aim for, you know, maybe trying to prove themselves in the Belmont. Now, I don't wanna get too far ahead of the Belmont, but six weeks after the Belmont comes this little race on the jersey shore, you know, really, well, Mr. sergeant might that race the Haskell have a bit more juice, in it, this year, if that's the first rematch of maximum security, in more of will. I think so I it's a great point. And now mind, you Haskell was pushed up a week from their last Saturday, July, who the Saturday beforehand, certainly enough time. If more will does do the three races in five weeks. You know, you don't know how he's gonna come out of it, but it does set up is one of the, you know, grade one race is one of the final ones that a summer, certainly, a lot of history there and maximum security. He's being stalled there now. So he working out there every day, I certainly expected if you tell the he's going to be running in it, then, you know, you're going to see a couple of maybe of the Baffert over since he loves running there, maybe not improbable, but you know he had a couple live contenders as well. So yeah, it setting up to be a full field and really good field. Keeps sergeant avenge advanced media. Joining us here on the gate. He was at the Preakness and felt that vibe now we were talking about the three year old picture going forward. The Belmont is coming up. I said, I didn't want to get too far ahead of that, and it seems like we're going. Get a good field there, including Tacitus who wound up third in the Kentucky Derby, and some others from the derby. How do you see the Belmont shaping up right now? He'll have to hold out a little bit of hope that maybe he can balanced back. We haven't heard much from their camp in a while. Certainly, if he was the run, I would be intriguing but I again I think national security right after the derby they gave him about a week off. He's been training for for last week since Thursday. He plans on running again, I be surprised if they don't try to point them, pointing their Marquette again into ready indicated that you're got try to run worm will Baffert a couple of pitchers didn't run in the Preakness. You would think that one or two of those guys will, and then obviously always has a couple horses that he's high on tries to the toward the Belmont as twelve. So the Preakness when the bigger field that I kinda thought it was going to be I don't know if the Belmont, gonna have thirteen where but yeah, I could see ten really really talented worse than a really good field. Wait, did you say maximum security may point towards the Belmont? He had started training again. He had taken it like a little bit of a retrieved surgery against Asian service had indicate. Did that he'd like to read them a little bit more? And now we're talking three weeks. So all things being equal. I do know that big part of their motivation is horse of the year. How do you do that? You know, it'd be awfully hard for, for him to win horses a year without running in another triple crown race in and proving himself and proving the derby with the fluke, and now at twenty million dollar bed, which I'm sure you've probably talked about a little bit where he'd like to try to get a couple of these tours is an improvement salve against word will, and long range Coty and a couple of those horses as well.

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