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Welcome back to the frame. I'm John horn. You've certainly heard of game of thrones the HBO series that is now in its eighth and final season. But what about gay of thrones gave thrones as a funny or die web series? That's been recapping game of thrones episodes ever since season three. The show is hosted by Jonathan van Ness. You might know him as the hairstylist and grooming expert on the Netflix show queer eye each week, a different guests like Gabrielle union or on a affairs sits down and Jonathan stylus chair for a pretend haircut and the to get talking about that weekend's episode of game of thrones with countless jokes and pop culture. References. Here's a clip from today's episode with actor and comedian Camille Johnny about a pivotal game of thrones scene between sir c and Tyrian. Lancaster? I bet you but evil no volume Carol Brady goes no dice. She's like, don't you tear us maternal instinct's against me. I am just as indicative and unreasonable as Amen that was recorded just yesterday, the funny or die studios in Hollywood where I visited a chat with Jonathan van Ness and Aaron Gibson the series creator and director, she's like don't you dare us. My maternal instinct's against me, I has been dictated and unreasonable as any man. She's like, don't you tear us nine maternal instinct's against me. I am just as reasonable. And I am just as and unreasonable as any man. When I sat down with Erin Gibson, and Jonathan van Ness after the shoot I ask van as how making time for gay of thrones works logistically with all his commitments for queer eye season. Seven shows the last season, I was in Atlanta shooting queer eye. So I would shoot queer eye Tuesday through Friday and get on a plane, and then come here do gave thrones get back on the plane, go back to Atlanta. And now this time I have said spoke to New York, and so Sunday mornings, I get up and I pop on a plane, and I get here, and then I come to show with everyone. And then I go home, and well, then I pitch all my jokes before everyone else gets pitch their jokes, which is really nice to me. So everyone's could stay up till midnight. And I tap out at night. And I'm like, oh my God. I'm so tired, which is the joke. But really I am. It's a lot like. We need you to be amazing on camera dies need to go to bed. What is it? Like when you guys are watching it is it like being Theodore everybody's talking about to the screen like, there's just constant banter. You making knows what does it sound like this new method where we're doing like one of our people will yell out the number. So it's like a scene one seemed to because we're all kind of writing while we're watching it. So there is some healing of the screen usually from me, but we turn the lights off we have snacks. And we right. We really are. There's a lot of typing are other tradition is that we always have ten degrees. We've had ten degrees every single year and shocked. Not sick of it. There are so many recaps of game of thrones. And what's amazing to me is how quick and how thorough they are? And when you're thinking about how you were going to both recap and episode and then do something. That's funny. How do you figure out? What is I? Because is it important that you get the story. Right. I and then at the jokes are what order they come in. I think it's always about serving the purpose of how Jonathan has regurgitated this show. So in my mind is always funny. I, but I do want this to be a cheat sheet for people who maybe don't watch game of thrones. And maybe one not feel like they're an outcast in society at work. So they do know what's going on. But first and foremost, it's about making this show funny, and allowing Jonathan to shine his very specific and hilarious light on a show. That is the most McCall thing on TV. The other thing that you guys seem to be really intentional about is making sure that you have the most latest pop culture references possible. So. So you just did an episode where you have a mayor Pete reference. There's a reference to the Boeing seven thirty seven max is that always like what happened that day that we can incorporate how do you think about what is and is not funny or worth including well, I have to say, you know, in in the episode from last week. It was all about Martina Hingis. This battle had more downs than Martinez. Hang stories his career. So I things are going great. She wins drilling open in ninety seven. Well, then she screws up at the French Open by serving underhanded, stuffy graph and gets booed off the court. But then she goes on to the lay at Wimbledon. Unfortunately, then she just positive for snow, which she denies. Let's what they love about. Our writing room is like it's really we are going to we're going to get an each we're going to go big. We're going to go niche gonna go. Now, we're gonna go eighty six we're going to go ninety four you don't know. Also, we might have a revolutionary war thing. Like, you just don't know what you're going to get last night we joke because we couldn't remember if we'd already made it, and it was a nodding hill reference, and it was. I'm just a dragon Queen standing in front of a murderous asking her to surrender. So how does the Martina Hingis reference come in? Because it goes on for like, two minutes. It's all of Martinez, tennis Greer the ups and downs. I forgot that she got popped for drug offence. There is a lot of research and detail in your Martina hanging story, we'll happen. There was as we air was trying to figure out a great analogy for something that has a lot of ups and downs. And we wanted to get through the battle scenes quickly because it was just a lot of carnage is a lot current and all the ideas that were coming up for something to had a lot of ups and downs. Just weren't feeling quite on the gay of thrones brand win all of a sudden Martina h'angus's underhand serve to Steffi Graf in the ninety nine French Open just leaped into my head. And I was like it's Martina Hingis tennis career, which when anything sounds like oh my God. It's Martinez tennis career

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