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But do you think of patents patent as the new Batman? I saw this. I'm kind of down for it. What is that these economics, right? Yeah. Not your thing. I mean I, I like your right. Not my favorite, Robert Patterson. Who is in these twilight movies. Yes. Apparently, he's going to be the one that's going to be taking over from that. What's his name? Well, Ben Affleck in Africa. Yeah. Ben Affleck was the what happened someone went to bed African said, you just don't want to do this. They wanted a younger guy, I think. No, I think that that's part of it. He they wanted a younger guy and also he just wasn't working for them. You know it wasn't really been afflicted. He did it in two movies. The Justice league. It didn't work the first or second time you're out. They, they wanted to go younger than don't want. See you. Yeah. It really who wants that guy. Anyway. Then Aflac I mean he's a good actor to just, you know, sometimes you don't fit the role, right? And the thing is, if you don't fit the role, then you shouldn't get a second second shot at it didn't work. So then you're out. Let's see who do I like is the best Batman. Michael. Keaton was good. Christian bale was good. My favorite was, obviously, it wasn't the, the movie Batman, but the TV show, Adam. Adam west. Absolutely. I if I had to pick a live action when it's probably Michael Keaton for me. He's, he's my favorite. I like Batman and Batman because he was it wasn't. It wasn't the movie Batman. It wasn't a serious. It was very, very campy, if you watch the TV series Batman from the sixties, it was one of those shows that was made for a kids, but made for Delta's. Well, there were tongue in cheek secret double-entendres there were there were like a jokes or inside things that only would appeal to adults that would go over the kids heads. And let's face it. Adam west was actually pretty funny, even though he didn't mean to be the way he would deliver his lines. He was hilarious. So I don't think they try to capture that in the in the movies and the film. But and there were different directors to who is the Batman that had with a cod piece. So. What was that Clooney's? So it was the first Batman in terms of movies, anyway, was timber, and did two movies with Michael Keaton. Right. And then after that, I think there was a third movie that was with Val Kilmer, instead of Michael Keaton doing, like seven or eight Batman. Yes. And then after that George Clooney. I think two of them, Robin. Batman forever. And neither one of those is very good. Those are the ones that hit the nipples on the bat suit. That's Joel Schumacher. Batman. Yeah. They he succeeded. Was -cluded the gay Batman. Yeah, I think he definitely Clooney's come out and said he played him as a gay character. That's what he was written like to him. Schumacher. That's why that's why. And then and then I mentioned Christian bale. So Robert Pattinson. All right. Well, maybe I guess he'll do good. Yes. Seems like he's been he hasn't done a lot of big movies ever since the twilight one. So most people know him for that, but he's done a lot of good art house movies. Like smaller releases the not a lot of people get to see. And he's, he's a great actor, but he the brooding Batman, another Bruening Batman. So they got the dark

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