Flynn reported attempts to influence his cooperation with Mueller


About the extent of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn's cooperation with prosecutors in the Russia investigation. Now that a federal judge has ordered the release of material withheld from the Muller reports. This is the first time a judge has ordered the Justice department to reveal portions of the report that had been kept secret. Mike Flynn and his attorney say, there were multiple instances where people connected to congress or the Trump administration reached out to Flynn and his team in a way that could have impacted his cooperation with the Russia probe. The public version of the mullahs report reveals at one of those people was one of the president's personal attorneys who reached out to Flynn's team in November twenty seventeen and left. A message asking for a heads up if Flynn had any damaging information about the president Flynn has a recording of that message. And a judge has ordered that a transcript of the message be released to the public Flynn is currently awaiting sentencing for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials before President Trump took office, but Democrats already seizing on these new details to renew their calls for the full unredacted Muller report to be

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