Cantlay canters to Memorial Tournament title



And this memorial tournament updates to service a Wesley communities Kimball find angel Miller lite. Patrick can't lay started the day, four shots back. But after a final round eight under par sixty four. He finishes the memorial as the champion can't Lee at nineteen under wins by two shots. Feels really, really good to finish it off. How did today I knew I had a little bit of a mountain to climb to start the day. Couple guys ahead of me. Two and four shots in guys played really well and closed off tournaments. So I knew that I needed to come out fire gonna make a bunch of birdies. And fortunately, I did eight birdies to be exact no bogeys. He beats Adam Scott by two who played very well himself scotch out a foreigner sixty eight but seventeen under was not quite enough. A little tough to Patrick today, but I was only a couple off in the putts on the loss to halls for very close. A third round leader. Martin timer was in front headed to the back nine but he bogeyed twelve and thirteen lost the lead to Canley timer. Ends up third wall tiger. Woods, final round sixty seven he surged from twenty six place, going into the day to ninth winding up at nine under par. The goal today was to get to double digits and. Get something positive going into the open. But overall it was it was a great day. I the ball really well and made

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