NASA selects 3 firms for lunar deliveries



In today's episode I'm going to be talking about Nasr's first selections for their commercial moon landing services for the est program. Now, the artists program is a series of launches. And let's see how should I put this launches and landings for Rovers and humans on the moon, but also for the lunar gateway. So there are some companies out there that NASA has selected to be the first in this program in NASA has selected three commercial moon landing service providers that will deliver science and technology payloads under the commercial, lunar payload services. C L P S, as part of the artists program and each commercial Lander will carry NASA provided payloads that will conduct science investigations and demonstrated. Vance technologies on the lunar surface, which will bring astronauts back to the moon by twenty twenty four NASA administrator, Jim Bryden Stein said our selection of these US commercial, landing service providers represents America's return to the moon surface for the first time in decades, as a huge step forward for artists lunar exploration plans next year. Our initial science and technology research will be on the lunar surface, which will help support, sending the first. Woman in the next man to the moon in five years investing in these commercial landing services. Also is another step to build a commercial space economy beyond low earth orbit. So each one of these partners, they're going to send different NASA instruments to the lunar surface. And by the end of the summer, NASA will determine which payloads will fly on each flight in the potential payloads include instruments that will conduct new lunar science pinpoint Lander position measured. The lunar radiation of ironman, assess, how Lander an astronaut activity affects the moon in desist with navigation precision, among other capabilities in the selections are Astro botic of Pittsburgh. They been awarded seventy nine point five million dollars and have proposed to fly as many as fourteen payloads to a large crater on the near side of the moon by July twenty twenty one next up is intuitive machines of. Houston, and they've been awarded seventy seven million dollars and intuitive machines proposed to fly as many as five payloads to a scientifically intriguing dark spot on the moon by July of twenty twenty one in orbit beyond of Edison. New Jersey has been awarded ninety seven million dollars and is proposing to fly as many as four payloads to a lava plain in one of the moons craters by September of twenty twenty so that being said about a year and couple of months from now there's going to be a lunar Lander in he lava plain in one of the moons craters, if all goes well for orbit beyond of Edison, New Jersey in NASA science mission directorate in Washington, the associate administrator said that these landings are just the beginning of exciting commercial partnerships, though will bring us closer to solving the many scientific mysteries of our moon. Our solar system and beyond, and what we learn will not only change our view of the universe. But also prepare our human missions to the moon and eventually

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