NBA Reveals Refs Missed 17 Calls for Rockets, 11 for Warriors in Game 1


About officials during the NBA playoffs is nothing new, but the rockets apparently took it to the next level yesterday. Preparing a report to show that the refs cost them a trip to the NBA finals last season. We'll see how all this noise about bad calls affects tonight's game two and the rest of this series. But there's no easy answer. When it comes to officiating. James harden, something we talked about yesterday at great length. He's physical. He's unorthodox. He draws. Contact. He likes contact. He's always going to get a lot of calls. But the question is is he getting the right calls. It's important to remember. None of this is new because players and coaches have been complaining forever. You can Google Tim Duncan Joey Crawford or watch Phil Jackson, Pat, Riley work, the officials, and if you think Hardin is hard to officiate imagine trying to officiate a game, which akilah Neil. There's no perfect solution here, and you can't blame the rockets for at least trying to gain an advantage here a tight competitive series, and it may come down to how it's called. And it won't be the first time for sport. That's very difficult to officiate Steve Kerr had a little bit of fun with this yesterday at his press conference. He had this to say about fouls Kolding game on the focus should be on. Team's plane. Extremely hard me watching the he'll bowl teams just got after and competed. But you know, we just watched the tape upstairs. You don't think there were ten calls. We thought we got fouled in this is out goes, and every coaching illegal tell you the same thing, you watch the tape, and you hope man, that's that's. It's the nature game. It's it's very very difficult to officiate an NBA game. There's all kinds of gray area. And you know in the modern game. You know, a lot of players have have gotten really good at deception creating contact. Okay. Steve Kerr thrown out some verbal bouquets their complementing the officials. How would he feel if they lost game one? You know, they missed a lot of calls out there. The NBA has this two minute video review were they look at the calls. They missed and they admitted that they miss him calls in this game. My problem with the the rockets is let's live in the now, let's not be looking back to game seven last year. I got a problem with that. You gotta be Golden State. And it's now it's not you know, you guys caused us the NBA finals last year. Okay. How did you guys shoot? You miss twenty seven consecutive three pointers in that game. Was that the officials? Yes, that's because they were fouled apparently apparently all of them. What do they shoot like eight for forty four from three point range in game seven last year on your home floor? Yes. You didn't have Chris Paul? You should've won that game. But don't live in the past. And if you wanna bring attention to this now now all of a sudden, you're going down into your basement into your lab, and you're looking at all this. Video and say look at all of these miss calls. You had. Okay. The officials. Are you saying the officials are favoring the Golden State Warriors? Are you saying that's what I want to hear are these just bad officials is their favouritism?

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