Could be too much coffee certain days anyway let's get to the training report time what Brad Pitt


Eyed Tanya what is wrong with your eyes it running I've had this happen away for how many so just like a twitchy goes away how many days on Sunday it was so bad I just be a little infection in your eyes is flushing out Sunday it was so bad that it was just like started dripping down my face that over time like I was so emotional about being that the golden globes well never pretend just tell people even leaky I guess it was so they can see right through Tollywood I grabbed a napkin and feel like I can't a napkin that's worse you grab something very soft imply I've had some optometrists DME actually and say that I should put like all a warm tea bag on my high and then massage it because it might be a clogged your doctor about I would love the vote in your doctor in your eyes that would be you would be the greatest listener listener yeah the thing is a hot compress I think that's good but don't worry it's probably just your system your body is the smartest machine in the universe okay our bodies are more complex M. M. smarter and wiser than any sort of high tech machinery scientists now yeah I've been reading okay and so your body is just trying to take care of itself let it be let it be but my compress on a bit of flesh so far I too have gotten twitches in my I like right before I got to do something where you can get that to stop and now I'm down to also could be too much coffee certain days anyway let's get to the training report time what Brad Pitt he won at the golden globes for once upon a time in Hollywood exactly so he won a golden globe he's looking more fire than ever it is true yes right now great movies out right now he's really like at the top of his eight game well he was on this podcast just the other day and he said that the heavenly or talk about how their life is kind of under this microscope he said it's probably because his disaster of a personal life right now and so to me that was like his his career life is high on the C. size personal life is low on the see saw so I kind of was thinking you know they all say you can you can have it all but you can't have it all the same time and I kind of believe in this we'll see some mentality because sometimes I feel like when your work life is going to but your work and home balance can never something's always kind of shifted do you feel like that's true so I think that's very likely that we go through psych we are we are living cycles right so everything that were part of the planet the planets on a cycle the planets on a spend were rotating moving right to think about that were orbiting and the earth is spinning on an axis so all of everything that we are adjusting to or in rhythm or not which is based on the the big cycle so I I do think that there are there are read them there at been flows to read them now I think that you have to really try and figure out how you're not fighting certain rhythms in order to get all those things right at the same time but it also could be with capacity there certain capacity that we all have to for example if you're fully focused on a project that takes a lot out of you you may leave something else out of full focus right and that's where you get the ebb and flow but don't discount the spinning of the earth and how it affects your body and your life balance is that right yes when is that right it's like you're saying it but is it like they have more think about we're all reacting to our spending on this planet that has to do with how we react to the way that I think you how your your body balances everything yeah I think this team you think topical twenty twenty I know too much down no spend some time with the sunrise were spent some time I'm telling you your body is drawn to a sunset or sunrise why of course is beautiful I don't realize it's also part of this cycle that were in like we our bodies know the rhythm of the day why because we're spending Brad Pitt for this knowledge he might understand what I'm trying to say he made any because I'm ever Oskar we might be I have a shot to have on the show yeah he's all for sure be nominated for us right so mark and those nominations are out aren't they the ballots are justices coming in at market see if any would invite Brad Pitt in the wake of our golden globe in depth interview on the carpet to come on yeah I will do that you guys are like buddy buddies now no we're not I I would love to be with me because we're not but if we could be the door is a jock her for me I mean I've just been on this planet for that I had to Billy I was to come in next ten years ago

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