Michelle Williams is Engaged and Pregnant and the Timeline is Weird


Michelle. Williams is pregnant and engaged to brand new guy who seemingly came out of nowhere. His his name is Thomas Kale and the two met while he directed her in Fossey Verdon. He's also known for being the director of Hamilton. This news broke on on people dot com on Monday which featured the couple posing and some. I'm in love photos alongside the news of their engagement and pregnancy and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah on the surface. Is this all sounds kind of like a painfully boring a listener getting married Blah Blah Blah. But actually it's not boring. It's super interesting. A and very very weird and possibly suspect first off. It's worth noting that Michelle and Thomas are allegedly still married to other people and they also allegedly just met each other a few months ago. This timing if true it feels very noah Baumbach. Greta Gerwig levels of like So so if you're wondering why they went with like the the flashy old school publicist coordinated in people dot com about their pregnancy and engagement. Well first first of all they snuck it in over the New Year's Eve holiday which is a slow news week and maybe they were hoping it wouldn't get that much coverage and secondly she's going to be on the red carpet but this Sunday for the Golden Globe so I'm guessing maybe they're trying to get ahead of the buzz around her. Having a a baby bump page six covered. This writing quote. Many media insiders raised their eyebrows on Monday evening when a cheery piece appeared on people magazine's website announcing the news that Michelle Williams is pregnant and engaged to the Hamilton director. Thomas Kale but the piece which features a family album worthy `Paparazzi shot of the happy pair conspicuously neglected to mention the fairly juicy fact that both Williams and Kale were in serious relationships with other people when they met just a few months ago page six later added quote. The Omission Lead tabloid veterans to speculate that Williams's camp slipped the exclusive to people on the condition that the weekly keep mum about the potentially embarrassing circumstances of their Happy Union and quote sidebar. I Love The phrase tabloid veteran. Can I be a tabloid veteran. I WanNa be a tabloid loyd veteran. Anyway so yeah it seems like they got together and you know they did kind of a tit for tat with people where they were like. Don't talk about how the timing is maybe shady the and maybe we liked cheated or something. Just post the happy pictures of us in Yay. We're all good anyway while most of the world was getting completely blackout drunk on New Year's Eve. These brave souls at my favorite gossip site Ono. They didn't restricting together. A detailed timeline of Michelle Williams's relationships throughout the past three years they summed up her kind of serial serial monogamy writing quote January twenty eighteen Williams dating possibly engaged to Andrew Use men July twenty eighteen williams. Mary's Aries Phil Elvira begins work on Fossey Verdon December second twenty eighteen. Thomas Kale attends the Kennedy Center honors with wife Angela Christian in March two thousand Nineteen Fossey Vert and wraps April twenty nineteen the Williams slash. elver separation is made public Kale attends the premiere of his show without his wife December. Two Thousand Nineteen Williams and Kale announce their engagement and pregnancy end quote. So there you have it Michelle. Williams is having her second child. Silence her kid. Mathilde is getting a little sibling congrats. Michelle and Thomas Kale. Who cares about the the timing and you know the other people whatever? It's all good happy for. Are you guys

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