Best of 2019: John Wojtowicz Pt. 3



This episode features strong language violence in discussion of sexuality that some people may find offensive listener discretion is advised especially for children under thirteen eighteen August. Twenty third nine thousand nine hundred seventy two just after midnight. twenty-seven-year-old John on water wits had been trapped inside a Chase Manhattan Bank with his group of hostages for almost nine hours after a robbery gone sideways. He hey done it all for his wife. Liz Eden he planned to use the score money to fly to Europe and arrange for her gender confirmation surgery sadly I she wanted no part of his plot lose told him he should let everyone go and surrender but John was into deep to give up and he worried his partner in crime. Eighteen year old SAL rally would kill himself and everyone else to avoid going to jail. John had to see this through to the the end to save them now. Finally the police were ready to make a deal. They were sending an airport limo to take John Sal and the group the hostages to JFK buoy by his change in fortune. John pulled the ladies in the bank. Where did they WANNA go? Moscow Tel Aviv. One of the tellers. Shirley ball scoffed. Moscow was too cold. Tel Aviv was too dangerous. John sat down behind the bank. Manager's desk and kicked his feet up he shrugged at them smiling. Well wherever you WANNA go girls will go but across the street from the bank. FBI agent. Richard Baker was prepping his team to end the standoff once and for all no no one in the bank was.

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