Eagles Fans Rally for the Birds at Comcast Technology Center


Eagles rolled out their rally troops today to help fans in center city get hyped up for Sunday's playoff game with the Seattle Seahawks Italy's Paul Kurtz has the story from the Comcast technology center road on by a drum line that pounded out thunderous rhythm optimistic eagles fans poured into the concourse to collect autographs from former players and lots of sweating George Carlin Tenney walked away with the bag filled with freebies I have a bunch of evil sees few magazines I got one for my whole family some good cops some beer koozies a water bottle the it looks pretty endless in here there's a lot of good stuff to give not here today so lot eagles in the hopes are high for this team of wounded warriors many people believe it now reflects the spirit of the city is a sort of a blue collar working class team and the fact that they'll take you know players up off the practice squad and still go out and win I think that says a lot about Donald Peterson team the leadership and Philadelphia now they got all the young players from the practice while playing and they're doing really good we was it's just great to see them playing in the playoffs like this in center city I'm Paul Kurtz KYW news

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