Restoring the Musical City of New Orleans After Katrina

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By two thousand five there was no city in America as vulnerable as New Orleans. It was literally surrounded by by water water later later but but without without adequate adequate barriers barriers to to keep keep that that water water out. out. Yumi Yumi event event of of Catastrophe Catastrophe Lake Lake born born lies. lies. East East of of New Orleans within hours after Hurricane Katrina came ashore a wall of water primarily from the lake filled city canals and then broke through floodwalls rushing into the lower ninth ward and nearby communities wiping houses right off their foundations from above off sites that became headline news August. Two thousand five. After Katrina came ashore appear amazingly unchanged by the storm the ICONIC SUPPO now stands on dry ground and once again hosts home games of the New Orleans Saints Commuters have returned to the crescent. Listen city connection. It was across this bridge. That hundreds fled on foot after the storm subsided hoping finally to get out of town but they were quickly turned and backed by a wall of armed policemen. Many claimed it was an act of racism and that the police were only trying to keep New Orleans. African American evacuees out out of the cities primarily white suburbs. Meanwhile one section of the Ninth Ward is bouncing back in typically colorful New Orleans style. Awesome these homes. Were the brainchild of actor. Brad Pitt. After visiting this devastated community he vowed to help his make it. Right Foundation brought together architects from around the world to design and build dozens of eco-friendly flood. Visist and houses so families from the lower ninth ward could return home with dignity powered by solar energy to of these homes or the same. The foundation is also helping rebuild streets and gardens in a city where music is king. It's not surprising that one of the first first and biggest post Katrina projects was to help displaced musicians in the upper ninth ward natives. Harry connick junior and Brentford Marcellus us together. With habitat

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