'America's Got Talent' Has Problems


Has another Pr Mess at minimum and possibly Sibley more than a PR mess on its hands. This is not NBC News. We've talked about that a lot you know. Obviously there's Ronan Farrow's book. Why didn't they report the Harvey Weinstein Story What happened with Matt Lauer. Did they cover up for him. That has been a whole mess in and of itself But this is now NBC. The broadcast network. America's got talent. They did not pick up Gabrielle Union. For a second season she was there for only one season She was a judge and that has led to reporting following a a tweet by her or a number of tweets by her husband. dwayne Wade reporting the about a culture that in allegedly was insensitive at minimum minorities Racist if you WANNA take it. That far that she had been told repeatedly for example that some of her hairstyles were two black black. Allegedly that She had reported an offensive joke by a guest. Jay Leno to human resources but the higher ups would not We're actually formerly report it. There was an allegation published in one report that there was a ten year old black rapper that she thought had talent and she was advised not to support this child but to support white dancers because supposedly what was said was we need me. Need people that America ARACA can get behind. which would lead to a question about their definition of America but this has now turned into a flap? NBC is responding. Yeah I mean they have had to respond and they had Gabrielle Union in her representatives into a what was described as a five hour meeting with investigators to discuss this SAG Astra has said they are going to look into this. Because she's a member of that organization and you know they've got a real problem because any of these things are true and she was dismissed Complaining about it that's retaliatory. Normally in that situation you know a check is written and A settlement is made in this case. I would suspect that she would want more than money that she would want. Meaningful steps taken. Now this doesn't just involve a NBC. It involves fremantle the company that produces the show and psycho which is Simon Simon Cowles company and she among her allegations are that Simon callow made this environment. Literally unpleasant with cigarette smoke constantly smoking with nope doors on the dressing dressing rooms so you could not escape the smoke and I have to say you know you say well you know deal with it but the fact is for me. That kind of smokey environment environment literally makes me queasy and would be a problem and it's obviously unhealthy and it's obviously against the rules. But this is what happens when you have someone like Simon Cowl. Who is you know has got this huge amount of power. Yeah He created the show and he stars on it. I mean this is a textbook example if these allegations are true of the kind of coddling of talent that networks are notorious for and allowing people to get away with certain behaviors that the average person doesn't get away with and you know we think that in this time's up in metoo era that a lot of this behavior is being clamped down on but if this is true and cows being allowed to just be a colossal jerk worked to everybody then that's not okay. I'm going to quote the former. America's got talent judge Howard. Stern who said CAL sets it up so that men stay no matter how ugly they are no matter how old no matter how fat. I'm paraphrasing slightly. No matter how talentless then he says why don't they change Simon. This is the ultimate example of boy's club and I would just note math that. NBC Says It's going to investigate but in the news division. They investigated themselves and that has been a huge issue going that nobody has forgotten about I.. I think who's paying any attention and so it's going to be more of that. I don't think this problem is going to be resolved. Yeah it's the same question of whether they get an outside investigator or whether they do it internally it says we're on the same merry go round round and round. Thank you thank you. That's Matt Bellamy editorial director of the Hollywood reporter. He joins me this Monday at one. Thirty on the business. I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood

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