Why You Should Be a Guidebook Troll


Say be a guidebook kroll. What do you mean by that? Guidebook trolls you know. I think that I'm inside it because I've been guidebook author big guy. Books are still still filled with so many little secrets is kind of embedded in and they're very well researched in a lot of people kind of lose sight of that in this digital era. Be Be a guy patrol because you can find the thing that connects with you. You know like I talk about travelling like a travel writer. A travel writer has to dip their head under the surface and all kinds of different places news. And when there's creating a story or video something more than just even a guidebook what they often will do is find a quest and make their trip a quest and I think that if people people find something that the connect with and make it a quest out of it so the trip isn't just to see the Mona Lisa but to see what happens when you go and and do something in Paris that you're already passionate about an often. The tools for that are just embedded throughout guidebooks. Have so many things I think you said it yourself. A fifteen dollar investment for you know like ten thousand dollars of secrets end. I'm big Fan of Guy Bookstore. A lot of people are very penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to guide books and If your guidebooks any good I would say it pays for itself on the shuttle and from the airport of course you and I make money selling guidebook. So we sales pitch down pretty well but guidebooks our tools and I think when they're smartly they can be very

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