On Military Bases, the Dangers Increasingly Come From the Inside: Navy base gunman reportedly watched mass shooting videos before attack in Pensacola

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National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien joining president trump. And the defense sectarian tyrian urging caution before labeling the attack at US Navy base in Florida as them but NPR's Frank O.. Or donas reports. That O'Brien finds early reports troubling the national security adviser. Robert O'Brien is just the latest trump official to be questioned. Why trump or his aides won't call the attack by twenty year year old Saudi military trainee? Who has been identified as Muhammed Al Sham Ronnie an act of terrorism? O'Brien acknowledged seeing reports about the suspects background background. And then he may have had sympathies toward former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. I think the the the folks that can confirm it are at the FBI the DOJ. But it's the. The reports are very troubling speaking to defense leaders at the Reagan. National Defense for him. O'Brien echoed earlier comments by defense secretary. Mark Asper that the United States needs to review vetting procedures of foreign students who come onto. US basis Franco DONAS NPR news. Some media let's say the twenty one year old gunman played videos of mass shootings at a dinner party with other Saudi Saudi aviation students earlier in the

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