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A new poll has Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders ahead of Joe Biden in Texas primary race

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
Last week

Donald Trump And Senator Sanders discussed on Michael Savage

Michael Savage
11 min ago

Who is in Seattle here the numbers again with senator Bernie Sanders winning in our end of Adda

Public Affairs Programming
15 min ago

Here in Nevada like in Iowa and New Hampshire healthcare was cited as voters top issue

Scott Sloan
24 min ago

Alexa, Jane Metzler And Bernie Sanders discussed on WIBC Programming

WIBC Programming
25 min ago

Bernie Sanders, Nevada And Iowa discussed on Live Abundant Radio

Live Abundant Radio
25 min ago

A. okay Susan talk thirteen okay

WAOK Saturday Night
26 min ago

News special report it's Nevada's

Cindy Stumpo is Tough as Nails
50 min ago

In a vat as presidential caucuses

KNX Weekend News and Traffic
55 min ago

Texas where early voting is

Mark Levin
56 min ago

Our top stories at eight twenty

Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News
1 hr ago