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Bill de Blasio endorses Bernie Sanders in presidential bid


Hampshire meanwhile Sanders getting a major endorsement from a former opponent New York City mayor bill de Blasio announcing he is endorsing Vermont senator Bernie Sanders for president the blogs he also campaign for Sanders in Carson city Nevada on Sunday ahead of the state's caucus the twenty second this endorsement comes after to block the ended his own bid for president in September correspondent line on we use it'll soon be up to the jury in a raid in the rape trial Harvey Weinstein the prosecution completed their closing arguments yesterday prosecutor Joan Illuzzi told jurors that Harvey Weinstein lacked human empathy she said that winds dean was the master of his universe and the women waiting to step into a circle were quote merely ANSI could step on without consequences end quote after closing arguments can included defense attorney Donna road to know re iterated her assertion that the accusers had consensual relationships with winds dean so if

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