Quality Time With Yourself


Welcome to the daily Meditation podcast. I'm Mary Mickley. And I honor you for showing up for yourself. I know there are so many things you could be doing right now. But what you're doing as you get ready to meditate may just be the most important thing you do day in today's episode. We have reached the final episode of our seven part series. We've been exploring this week on French. The Art of cultivating and maintaining friendships throughout this series. You have discovered some tools to help you become clear about the kind of friends that would be best for you as well as what you have to offer others and feeling confident and taking unique approaches as you cultivate new friends. In today's episode you will be guided in a reflection meditation. Taking a look over your week. Now you may just be joining us in. That is fine because whether or not you are focusing on a particular theme for a Week. Which is what we do here at the daily. Meditation podcast and on the SIP and App as well. That's where you can go a little more deeply into meditation. You can try this APP for two weeks free. And it gives you free access to the full lap of over seventeen hundred guided meditations there as well as weekly journals and guides that are customized around that theme again. That is this sip and home meditation APP. If you want full half hour guided meditations two weeks for you absolutely free now here you are and when you think about building the kind of clarity that makes life so much easier to live. That's really what meditation can do for. You is to allow you to assess what your stress triggers are. And how you're doing how you're feeling so easy to numb out or to staff your feelings and so as you meditate you allow yourself to become aware of what's really going on in your life so it's important to do a reflection type of meditation where you go back through your week or even through. Your Day. The Dalai Lama is noted to do this technique daily. So you could do this daily before this episode. I'll guide you as you go back and reflect over your whole week. Now as you do this you will be noticing. Every single thing you did throughout the week you would be meditating quite a while if you did that simply notice the highlights of your week and in particular notice what was difficult for you and why something or someone or some situation was difficult for you may have triggered that experience and how you responded and maybe how you wish you would have responded. This is how you improve. Constant self improvement involves this reflection and also notice what went well for you. Your big wins for the week and notice what triggered those feelings of happiness and peace notice. What makes you tick? This is the true essence of doing a reflection? So as you settle yourself down today calm your mind and your body begin to notice your breath. Your breath will reveal to you the kind of emotional state you're in your breath and your emotional state are interconnected

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