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Tommy like wing. You've got the perfect thing giants guy you got. You got your old pal looking. Good a nice sendoff if we can assume from that this is it for him as a New York giant at least but but then also you lose the game ultimately which is what you want. If you're a giant sky ride it's it's interesting you say that because Actually sent out a tweet asking fans what they would rather see in that game. Eli Balout have play lights out. Game and the giants lose or allied not play. WELL IN THE GIANTS WON'T COMPETE IF YOU'RE A competitor. Then you want to win the game but you have a little distance. Vincent saves better for us to have a higher draft horse. I it was interesting the responses because what it meant to me there were so many more responses for we want you to play. Well obviously Eli play okay. Well a win would be you know the Cherry on the cake but if anybody has been watching the giants things have not been going well the last three years so inviting fashion yet. You lie played well in in the first half and the giants actually looked like a good team and then if you are a giants fan you know that the wheels we're gonNA fall off eventually and they did in the second half. I don't think I had a first down in the second half but Ironically enough two years in a row the giants blew a large halftime. Lead down in Philly really where

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