Amid criticism, Trump signs order targeting anti-Semitism at universities


President trump signed a an executive order which I'm going to get to in a moment it deals with anti semitism and a radic kidding anti semitism here in the United States of America it comes a day after a horrific crime in Jersey city for those of you who have not heard about this crime in Jersey city apparently there was a couple of individuals whose van was suspected in the US what turned out to be a murder over the weekend of an individual and yesterday a New Jersey a Jersey city police officer I spotted what he thought might have been the van that was wanted for questioning that they wanted to people who own the V. and obviously for questioning in connection with this well this police officer early yesterday morning approached the band the band was in a cemetery and the the police officer who had been on the force for fifteen years detective Joseph seals a veteran and a father of five was assassinated by these two individuals these two individuals that allegedly rolled one mile very deliberately and stopped outside a on a store that would be described as a kosher store a store that essentially a kosher supermarket and allegedly David Anderson forty seven and Francine Graham fifty with long rifles started firing into the store killing three people of the three individuals have been identified as the woman who co owned a store window for hunts who I believe is Jewish a twenty four year old medical student moisture Deutsch in Miguel Douglas who worked at the store of the individuals it wild shoot out in all of this and finally the the Jersey city police department for a road a drove a a of an army truck into the store and it would appear that the two suspects kill them kill themselves we'll figure that out that will be figured out so essentially there are five people will six including the police officer who are dead two of whom were the assailants the suspicion is that the individuals who attacked this store because it happen to be a kosher supermarket we believe are connected to what's called the black Hebrew Israelite movement for those of you who don't know what the black Hebrew Israelite movement it is a is an anti semitic organization and I at last we last heard about the mystery member last January when the group of high school students from Kentucky got into the what was called a confrontation but it really wasn't with the native American gentleman if you saw what led up to that there were these some members of this black Hebrew Israelite movement who were protesting apparently on the a mall in Washington the a students from Kentucky wearing the mega hats would been there for a right to life rally were verbally assaulted by the black Hebrew Israelite movement is pretty disgusting what was said and I am not at all convinced that the native American gentleman who also became embroiled in this did not try to introduce himself into this situation to defuse it but suffice it to say this group in the black Hebrew Israelites despite the name has been characterized as a hate group and is published anti semitic post online and this is serious stuff I mean in this country for a long long time anti semitism virulent anti semitism was limited to the far right the American **** party party there was a there was some real black jobs in the in the fifties in this country and the sixties instill some today by the way on the far right but a lot of the anti semitism has been the pastor sized as moved to the left so today the president siding if I semitism on college campuses are there is this program on college campuses now that you're maybe of heard of it's a program that is beyond college campus called boycott divestment and sanctions I which is intended attended according to CNN to end international support for Israel's oppression of Palestine's Palestinians and boycott Israel for its activities in the west bank and Gaza this global movement is gain traction some college campuses across the US which criticized has led to Jewish students being targeted this reading now from the CNN report trump's executive order would trigger a portion of the federal Civil Rights Act of nineteen sixty four that requires educational institutions colleges and universities who receive which receive federal funding to not discriminate based on national origin according to senior administration officials the department of education can withhold federal funding from any college or educational programs that discriminate based on race color or national origin it does not say religion this is according to the Civil Rights Act from nineteen sixty four religion is not covered in that law so the administration now is attempting to interpret Judaism as a nationality in order to potentially punish universities for violations of Muslim Hindu and skins to a six students are also protected from discrimination under title six based on the shared ancestry and ethnic characteristics now there the president's receiving it's a sort of it an interesting reaction a John of the green black who is the CEO of the anti defamation league says this reaffirms protections of Jewish people without infringing on first amendment rights there are others on on the other side here of these the Simon Wiesenthal center is supportive of this Israel's foreign minister Israel cats welcome the upcoming announcement called on other countries to follow the trump administration's lead they said the Simon Wiesenthal center said this is a good idea it sends a global message at a time of surging anti semitism on both sides of the Atlantic meanwhile the president of Jay street was which is regressive Jewish advocacy group for that matter it's considered progressive Jewish lobby argue the executive order was designed to have a chilling effect on free speech and a crackdown on campus critics of Israel rather than fight anti semitism well his statement this fellow statement Jeremy Ben I mean up on me we feel it's misguided and harmful for the White House to unilaterally declare a broad range of non violent campus criticism of Israel to be anti semitic especially the time with the prime driver of anti semitism in this country is the xenophobic white nationalist bar right well I disagree with that my question is this the president in signing this executive order do the right thing or the wrong thing I think Donald Trump did the right thing and I think that our moderate to conservative Jewish organizations Alan Dershowitz with at the White House today for that ceremony see it that way so called progressive Jewish organizations apparently they're seeing it differently I am someone who is very concerned about free speech on college campuses but I also want to make sure that the Jewish students are protected on American college campuses for that matter college campuses around the world and this boycott movement the boycott divestment and sanctions movement is nothing more that a cover group for a progressives for progressives a particularly those in the Democratic Party to undermine undermine the state of Israel which is our greatest ally in the Middle East six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty we'll open the phone lines up right now whatever your point of view is on this one let's

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