What are the chances the Rams will make the playoffs?


Does it do to the rams next year? You still think I mean it sounds like from the way you set up that they should get into the postseason. They're still set up very very well but obviously it would be the most disappointing disappointing thing for them to go from Super Bowl Super Bowl comp- contender did not even making the postseason. That's feel good. That can happen Kirk. I mean that's that's not out of the ordinary Mary because it's not in your hands right right like you need help correct. You gotTa have the Minnesota Vikings which I wouldn't be shocked if they lost that game to Green Bay right. I wouldn't be shocked diff- I wouldn't be shocked if they go to and one in these final three. That's not that's not crazy but I don't think I'd be shocked to if we saw the rams lose at San Francisco. Oh right you're not going to be shocked on that one either. I wouldn't be shocked face. I think San Francisco is the best team in the NFC and they've proved it by You know beating who I thought was the top team in the NFC. Two of the top teams being both Right they curb stopped the Green Bay and then they basically jumped last week. The New Orleans yeah right at the end like basically they try it website. I mess it up. They tried to jump George Kendall on fourth and two and yet he dragged him all the way down the field and they kicked a field ago. But I'm not surprised What may happen with the ramp to what I am saying is that they can still go on like you mentioned and be ten and six and did not make the playoffs? Is that a successful season. It's not successful. Because they didn't go to a super bowl or when champion actually is everything. But when you think about the year after team wins the superbowl and and what they've had to deal with and at the end of the day weaken right that story with the Rams and say what did they lose because when you win Super Bowl or you have a successful season. Yeah people start to steal from you. They want they want some of that from they take from you remember. They took Zack. Taylor the Rams Offensive Coordinator quarterbacks coach now the head coach coach Cincinnati. And we'll see what's having a great year but you still do you take away some of that right. You lose coaches on the defensive line. There's some things that the rams have had Floor two years ago. Head coach of the Green Bay packers because success of the team. I can say that at ten and six and I said this at the beginning of the season and I'm still saying the rams are going to be eleven and five and ten and six and I promise you they'll be a better team than they were in two thousand

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