Man Held for Trial in Shooting Deaths of 2 Men at Campground


A forty one year old Philadelphia man will stand trial for murder in connection with the deadly double shooting at a Bucks county campground last fall he Y. W. suburban bureau chief Jim mail were reports that miles Jones preliminary hearing prosecutors played a pair of chilling nine one one calls from the homes they can't run your Quakertown after forty one year old Eric Braxton forty six year old Arthur hill were both shot one of those calls for one of the victims sons are tells the operator he can't see is that because he's hiding they learns while on the call this father's no longer breathing the other from a woman clearly terrified saying she knows there's a man in the woods was extremely intoxicated with the gun but she said she doesn't know where one called the witness said it was a nightmare prosecutor at Luka it's literally people carrying in the woods in fear of a guy the only person who had a gun there witnesses say it started when Joe's got a fight with his girlfriend around two AM another step then it got physical and someone punched Jones in the face he said the car for about fifteen minutes when he got out witnesses say shop Braxton point blankets Braxton told to calm down they say he shot hill in the back judges lawyers argue self defense but what prosecutors say that's not relevant at this point the case they also say Jones was the only one with the gun and opened fire in a crowded campground at two men who witnesses say were trying to calm him down

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