Patrick Mahomes' QB Rating


I was watching Sportscenter the other night and they're talking about Patrick Mahomes quarterback rating on like third in fifteen in a ring in my head. Because Brian and I were like speculating that third and fifteen that third and fifteen play was was the the Super Bowl. It's incomplete you punt at that point. It's a two possession game. There's a version where you get the ball to times or two times but you you punch was seven minutes in and and pretty much over at that point Max. Pat Don't reveal it but look up and so we're saying what are the percentages and I was saying you know twenty percent or less less than twenty Brian may be single digits converting third and fifteen against only defense defense when you hear Patrick Mahomes. QB Ratings go up like one twenty now the top is like one fifty the three hundred fifty three. But that's like knowing currently but a guy plays a strong games gonNA play at one fifteen one hundred twenty. That's a really good quarterback. They're really have a good quarterback rating one hundred is decent good good hundreds good for sure. The League's average quarterback rating on third in fifteen on third and fifteen of converting. That seventy. I guess seven percentage or of course our quarterback rating I would guess seventy that's a low percentage play no seventy seventies pretty high. Let me re Max. I is at one faith half because now we're like one of the same thing because we're talking about converting third in fifteen saying that's that's gotta be seven percent eight percent something like that. So a quarterback rating thing to have a high rating so I'm saying converting the technology not throwing underneath to the fullback for four yards so the chances converting it i. I'm guessing his eight percent quarterback rating seventy five but the average average seventeen. Seventy five is still half of what you could not a quarterback rating. I know but isn't that it only goes to one fifty right but I'm saying I don't think it goes to zero zero or you know what I'm saying about bad game where you throw three interceptions. I think you're GONNA have quarterback rating of somewhere in the fifties or sixties. Okay so I'm saying seventy five because it's low percentage manage. Well let him. I'm guessing it's the league average. I'll let him look that up. Well the average the NFL average for third and fifteen or longer anger is six. That's quarterback rating really. NFL average since mahomes got to the League six I think maybe six percents h said quarterback rating no rating on third and fifteen or longer. And what's Mahomes Mahomes. Ninety five point five. Wow Aw he's really good I would have that put on a fucking windbreaker the league average. That's how low percentage it is now. I don't know everything about the quarterback rating and it doesn't go to one fifty or is it like someone forty seven or something one fifty eight one fifty. That is good

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