Interview with Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Interview with Republican Senator Mike Lee, Interview with 2020 presidential candidate Tom Steyer - burst 11


For the Iran strike. Stay with us. Romanian General Qassem Suleimani headed it up a group the US considered to be terrorist. He was ruthlessly effective he had the blood of innocence on his hands. These are not matters. Serious people are debating the question is it was. It was wiser to kill him. And risking escalating response Moran or or not according to the New York Times Director Genus Bo quote advise Mr Trump that the threat the Iranian general unrepresented was greater than the threat if Iran's response if he was killed this is what the debate is about this and the intelligence what the allegedly imminent threat to the US. This was whether that intelligence is being accurately represented or twisted and shaded to justify desired strike as has happened before in the US us and also we're discussing the role of Congress and all this. That's a debate. That's been raging for decades. But if

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