Xavi responds to rumors he will replace Ernesto Valverde at Barcelona



Course a lot of rumors surrounding valverde and his future over the last twenty four hours and Chevy coming in to replace him. Got My right and say that that's not going to happen now. We'll at least until the summer. Well it's not going to be job. Each Avi seems to have a call themselves out. There were rumors swirling around that. They'd approached Ronald Cooman in which I'm skeptical about. But if they did the Mona Luther calendar this Guy's playing euro twenty twenty in the summer but certainly the the other rumor is how they feel about all this all this sticking around Behind his back might just say guys you guys think on the problem let me we just go and walk out rather than enjoy these last. Few months without Luis Suarez as well. So they Kinda I think pretty needlessly made a rod further own back with this very ham fisted way. They went about things.

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