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Is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a great movie out right now for your c called just mercy that has Michael Jordan and then also this ask Jamie Foxx. Yes you're not from give it up now you either are or execute chicks you have to face. This is all right Jamie before I lose complete control interview which would be fine but you made a great movie and Jess Mercy you dead. I think this is a true story. True story I think this is the opposite is this is the most important movie I've ever done Yeah I got yes because of who it's about and what it's about Brian Stephen. A lawyer of WHO's played wonderfully about Michael Jordan. who his whole life is? A Journey is exonerating people that are on death row of wrongly accused and and when I met Bryan Stevenson I was blown away about how much he's done. And what is and it's been sort of under the radar so I applaud Michael Jordan for being the biggest star in the world But always coming back to the movies like this for our cultural for us to educate is to uplift us to give us hope and like I said it is the most important movie I've ever the and who do you play. Play Walter mcmillen Watson Watt's McDonald's amendment south in in Alabama who own pulping business chop down trees for living on his way home on a country road he gets pulled over by the sheriff. And the sheriff says you killed someone it city he's never been in Never met this person. They say you're going to jail. And they put him in jail. Put him on death row without a trial he was on death. Row without a trial for six years and I've been death row before studying for movie and the one thing that I knew about death row was at the worst thing you give. A person is hope because they know that at some point At any point they could be taken off to either electric chair or however they're going to be a or expired but hope walks in in the form of Bryan Bryan Stevenson. Who has played wonderfully Michael Jordan? He takes the case. This is a nineteen eighty six. which wasn't that long ago and They pulled off the miraculous And exonorated a person who had never been in. This has never happened in Alabama person to be exonerated off of death row. And that's the store and what was amazing about how our director destination destined and Michael Be put the movie together on how it brings. Everybody and you saw this Toronto in Toronto. Where just make people crazy and you got I? I don't know eight minutes and thirteen minutes standing ovation but what I really appreciated about the movie. Was it allowed everyone in this movie tested in front of a all black audience at a ninety seven now we expect it for that to be in a high number then they tested in the mid West in front of mostly white audience and we what they say it tested at a ninety eight so that lets you know that the work that was done in the movie as the adapt tation of a book really really got it done. It really worked. Let's look at a clip from your performance Sir Ingest Mercy Screen Actors Guild nominated for I godless. So let's look list from Harvey all know what it is here. You get from the moment you ball buddy over these white folks and make them laugh and try to make him like it. Whatever that is and you say yes or no man but when it's your turn ain't got no thanks take evidence and all the witnesses they got eight thing another matter when all your thank is I looked like a WHO could kill somebody? That's not what I think the way. You're not looking at him and then you do. It's just it's devastating because he wants to get it out. He wants him to hear what was going on in in this soul and then that look. I'm sure he's done it a few times that look to see if what I told hold him really landed. Sometimes people can be in those positions and it's no pad pencil numbers. You're just another person. I'm on my way. But when he looked up so Michael be looking back at him. Engaged young ready ready to take on whatever this whatever this monster is designed to do at the end it was another thing too. I studied a film that that move to me was made famous to me by Al Pacino in The Godfather and if you remember I think it was Zena he was when he was getting ready to kill him at the dinner table. Yeah when he says. I'm going to talk Doc Italian till Michael foresaken and as he goes to talk. Al Pacino Leans up to listen but he looks this way first and and then he engaged so as you study the the art. There's certain things that you bring along with you. That are really effective. Well it sure sure works and that's what you want. You don't just see this movie and say you want to talk to people about it and you see this. You gotTa feel it because there's instead of just anger and just rage. There's a sense of. We can do something about it if we fail. Were trying to do something it. Listen the thing about. This is what I enjoyed about the way. The movie plays out is said when people leave this movie. They feel like they want to get involved. What can I do? What can I do to change his narrative? What can I do to pull back to mass of some of these injustices? And that's what's been so fulfilling with this film because Brian I Steve Isn't who still going out there every day of about his job. He needs it. He needs that people to know that these things are going on because it helps in his endeavors in taking these people and trying to you know put their lives back together. Well Walter Your Johnny on on these calls a lot of things. But he's the kind of person that grows up in this Alabama neighborhood and it was. It's very ironic in the movie. How everybody there even racist Alabama is saying? This is Monroe Kennedy. This is where Harper Lee wrote to them walking bird right which is about Wow this racist that. They don't even say dangerous sort of bouncing off her celebrity. What well here's the thing is like like I'd say all the time there were some very interesting things that wall to sit? Did I looked like a man that could kill somebody. This is the perception that were attacking what tackling the perception that a black man automatically you feel like there is some some of villainous or ominous thing that he possesses therefore of when he is accused of something. We sorta turn the other way. You know we don't necessarily we give them the benefit of the doubt. I can't tell you how many times when when there's something going on on television and there's there's some type of crime every black person to tell you man. I hope it's not a black person. Listen you know why because it continues the narrative but continues The procession so that's what we're what we were tackling in in the movie Walter. Walter says you're guilty from the day you were born now. That was something that we actually ad-libbed in the in the script really. Yeah because yes that's my line Growing up in a southern place in Texas in Texas and being met with early age age racism being called As a young kid it baffled me I was eight years old. My grandfather told me go. Get some gas and gas like twenty five cents a gallon. So he's bringing some gas. I I had to walk on the other side of the tracks. Go get the gas but I think the gas only came up to eighteen cents and I need to get to seven cents back but I didn't WANNA leave the gas out you know so I had to walk into the place I walk in and the guy says. Hey what are you doing while you bring the gas. And I looked at him. I said hey eight. I'm only eight nine. Remember marching back to my grandfather and told him what happened. My grandfather went over and talked to the man told him. You know. That's not nice and whatever you told them what He. He squatted. But I couldn't couldn't wrap my mind around a grown man looking at a child insane and saying that and so that's where I got the line I said I don't have nothing to do with this. I was just born. How can I change this? Why are you so angry at me just because because I was born? Yeah so when you're born into the world and this label is on you just because you're born. I thought that that was something that Walter that we should Add to the to the layer of his character saying I was just born because that's all of us were only just

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