Why Sunday is the biggest online dating day of the year


If you're thinking about doing online dating today's your day this is the busiest online dating day ever from smart dating academy it's valid Gandhi how are you Bella great I can energize into the attic about dating Superbowl two first of all doctor John says hello you guys are great friends I love John dot the that blocked get it people it's amazing I read it I have been almost twelve year old and a sixteen year old I opening amazing he's the real freaking deal we to read it now I'm I have friends that have gone through divorces and today is going to be a big day for them why is today the busiest online dating back there's two reasons number one Sundays are usually busy number one you can imagine why the music stops something to do to our little hang overs worn out Sunday nights tend to be busy so that's what now what happens to your state we make resolutions forty eight percent of adults in this country hundred and eighteen million adults are single what do you think is at the top of the resolution someone getting action whatever it is yeah and so it's Sunday to Sunday after new year's resolutions that those factors combined into the perfect storm because the Superbowl dating today well let's talk about the profile first because this is a big thing this is your your your for sale sign right out front what do people do with their profile

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