Tyson Foods Orders Trump To Cease And Desist

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Bad news for the president on this. President's Day the trump campaign received a cease and desist letter this morning from Tyson foods demanding that the president stop playing their slaughterhouse recordings his rallies trump. Joining us here in the studio is senior political analyst. Dirk mullins who was actually at the trump rally in question. Leslie so dirk. Why is Tyson foods so mad? Tyson foods is upset because yesterday. President Trump played a twenty minute audio loop of pigs screaming cows being slaughtered and chickens having their next snapped to pump up a raucous fifteen thousand person crowd. Take a listen. We don't want that sound. You just heard. That's a cow being stun gun in front of its cavs and trump apparently never asked permission nor paid any licensing fee to use it. Okay but dirk for months now. Trump has been walking out onto the stage to recordings of Tyson's Dakota city beef packing plant at his rallies. What chain well yesterday. A video surfaced from the rally showing the Maga- crowd moaning along to the sounds of an entire farm full of piglets being electrocuted at once. But the real problem came when trump started waving his arms along to it like a conductor and declared it his quote favourite track of all time. Will it's unlike president trump to stay? Quiet has his campaign responded they have. Here's what deputy White House counsel Jim. Mcnamara had to say this morning to set the record straight Oliver Venues heavy performance rights organization license in place. Also president trump would like to add that he didn't see Tyson complaining when Hillary and bill danced at the DNC fundraiser. To the sounds of two headed cow being thrown off of a rough Tyson facility also in response. Mr Trump has reportedly hired a slaughterhouse crew to Tyson uniforms and throw live animals into the engines of Air Force. One while he's unstaged during his next rally interesting. That's how they make hotdogs right exactly. Well we'll see how old is plays out. Thank you thank you Leslie

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