Leaders: Gisle Rabesahala


Today's leader was a celebrated politician and was devoted to fighting for freedom and her country. She lived through era's colonialism and independence. Let's talk about Giselle Raba. Saha Jeff just sell Roberts Hollow was born on May Seventh Nineteen Twenty Nine Antananarivo Madagascar at that point Madagascar was a French colony. Gazelles family was very politically involved. Her father was an officer in the French army so she spent most of her childhood moving between his different postings and France Tunisia and molly when he died in nineteen forty to Giselle and her family return to Madagascar ask are those. Zell initially dreamed of becoming a nun. She decided against it by the age of seventeen. She was deeply involved in politics herself in the mid nineteen forties. Some political leaders about a gas car led efforts to become independent failed to do so through legal channels some some became radicalized and decided to take more violent measures in nineteen forty seven. Malagasy nationalists armed mostly with spears attacked attack. French military bases across the island. It became known as the nineteen forty seven. Malagasy uprising in response the French French killed many of the nationals estimates from the French said be killed around eleven hundred Malagasy nationals while Malagasy estimates were way higher around one hundred thousand casualties. Giselle was actively involved in a campaign for the rights of political prisoners from the uprising. She fought to free thousands of prisoners. She gathered a committee to support. Prisoners families wrote news articles to attract international attention and worked with members of parliament. Element petitioned the French president. In nineteen fifty six Giselle became the first woman elected as a municipal councillor. She was also the the first woman to lead a Malagasy political party having founded a party called the Union of the Malagasy. People in Nineteen fifty-eight Giselle United. Five nationalist nationalist organizations to help the Congress party for the independence of Madagascar. After a series of revolts Madagascar gained full independence in nineteen sixty when France agreed to let it become autonomous. Giselle then shifted roles from General Secretary of the Congress Party three to Minister of Culture and revolutionary art in that role. She committed herself to protecting people's heritage. She founded a national library. Prairie in nineteen seventy nine oversaw. The publication fifty works in the Malagasy language restored more than twenty five national monuments organized artistic mystic competitions and create the Mala gase copyright office in one thousand nine hundred five. Her policies helped promote national creativity. Giselle served as minister stir of culture until Nineteen ninety-one ten years later. She was also appointed Deputy Speaker of the Senate in addition to her roles in government. Giselle Zell was also on the editorial board of Nationalist newspaper. That opposed French. Colonial rule for much of her life. Giselle never got married or had any children when she was asked about her decision not to do so. She said that she preferred to serve her country instead to Zell wraps a Halla passed away on June twenty-seventh seventh two thousand eleven one day after the fiftieth anniversary of Madagascar's independence. After her death local reporters described her as as mother courage. Mother of the nation.

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