Chiefs’ Andy Reid calls support from players ‘humbling’


Com we're getting close to the Super Bowl fifty four eighty reads chiefs against the San Francisco forty Niners and these data on the media this week and he still really shows much personality in these public settings which is apparently different than how he is behind the scenes when I'm standing here you guys have a job to do and you don't need a comedian up here given his fellow comedian or not and he is getting a lot of support these days from Philadelphia even from fans who used to be bothered by what he was doing here it's almost a badge of honor the two we get bird there so yeah I understand how that now that works this morning and he said he recognizes what's going on I was on hold by it very humbled by it I mean I've got great guys here friends of likewise around leave in a long time so I appreciate that but this game is not this is about this tea and its chief team is going to try to win one for anti he's never won a Superbowl before as a head coach it's been fifteen years since the last time he went to the Super Bowl with the eagles Doug Peterson hopes that drought in Sunday night and told Andy shortly after he won the A. F. C. championship need anything on the on the on the experienced one in this game and and and to reach out but but I wish him the best and and

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