Iraqis security forces raid Baghdad protest site


Few days you might've been hearing about pro government protests in the Iraqi capital Baghdad people who are calling on US troops to leave their country but there's a second long running protest movement made up of mostly young Iraqis who were calling for new elections and an end to corruption they too want to bring an end to American and Iranian interference in the country more than five hundred of those young protesters have been killed by security forces during months of demonstrations in Iraq well hi there al security was born and brought up in Baghdad he's just returned from Iraq after spending a month with young protesters there and he joins us live from Geneva hi there Iraq has seen regular protests in recent years but these are the largest and bloodiest since the US led invasion in two thousand and three that overthrew Saddam Hussein was brought people out into the streets yeah hi am there there has Iraqis have been pro this thing for a while now and throughout the years and throw the different areas of dying young Iraqis have been thinking the streets and processing yes the same issues that they are spotless against now but now they're really fed up the political needs are taken advantage over Iraq of Eurex resources they are having different loyalty is on they are not providing you rack is with the most basic services in the most basic human rights and this is despite the huge budget that you rack has and then despite the huge numbers of they're telling us they're spending on the projects in Iraq to improve Iraq's infrastructure to the services to improve the basic things that you know human beings can't so Iraq is one of the streets in order to protest against them and then they were faced with brutal please four seven militias are killing and kidnapping

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