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A World Series so you know

Ed Coleman & Gary Myers
2 months ago

Trevor Bauer the Reds pitcher who is so outspoken about the Astros cheating

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1 d ago

John Franco, WFAN And Yankees discussed on Boomer and Gio

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1 d ago

Was surprised I heard about this but you know what I wasn't

ESPN Radio
2 d ago
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Remember what the match went on to Houston and played a member after that Sir is you were very impressed with the way the Astros played on the way they went about the games the camaraderie they have that kind of thing what were your thoughts when you heard about the cheating scandal with them on the road so it's a season especially being being a pitcher yeah honestly I haven't look too much into it got two kids keep me pretty busy so you know here it it's unfortunate but you know I think major league baseball's doing a good job of trying to eliminate