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Highlights: Day six at the Australian Open


Sure six four six four six four street sets over query gets a dime around each from Canada took out our system is also in our streets at seven five six four seven six off of needy hello and straight sets as well Federer crazy against the home statesman there John Millman from Australia how bout Federer four six seven six six four four six seven six and they do all my godi date yes seven six in the fifth set and they do the super tight yeah which is not a super the man and he wins that ten eight while also going to go on the they go to ten they don't know how long and the match go I don't know that that that one looks like it looks like four hours right to me so I'll take the over okay yeah yeah for sure okay right now get mon few I like a leech Gulbis seven six six four five three trying to close it out in straight sets so Monfils the Tennessee me no Parker like gal Monfils Taylor Fritz going against Dominic TM Antium wins the first set six two in these two one in the second set over for it's the American the dollar just getting underway again saw Pablo Carreno booster and David Goffin ago fan going up against Andrei Rublev and go from which the first six two needs to one in the second as far as the women the day of upset and started you know last night but of course the time difference Serena went down the street said or in three sets she lost in three sets to to Wong Naomi a soccer took on Corey Goff the young teenager the American sensation in golf peer in straight sets sock was a three seat in this one by six three six four god gets a dime can in the fourteen C. for Sophia can and for the U. S. beach while Zhang R. seven five seven six BC currents for our three set to took her to be gore G. for George G. is seventeen seed Angelique Kerber love Angelique Kerber she's got those beautiful legs man like Steffi Graf had back in the day sorry if you're driving around I mean but he knows in that sense the reason America and then a real good one Carlina Pliskova the two seed going up against Anastasia apple you check of a and Pavlyuchenkova gets the win seven six seven three so ourselves or seven six seven six seven four seven three in the two tiebreakers industry touches the thirty seat B. to to see so the two seats gone the three seats on the eighth seed in Serena's gone and then bends which also lost to come to the six love six one so the Swiss sensation is out Donna vekic also lost two eagles white tact twenty to keep an eye on this young lady from Poland are very impressive seven five six three and Simona Halep the four seats still alive she went straight sets are six one six four she escaped against Brady the American the other day so that a look at the Australian Open and there is some lines that I already saw coming up for all the freakin Isner coming up for very good minus one forty nine is our take back one thirty that'll be a later on we see curious the home home countrymen they're from Austria taking on Kachin often that's gonna be going but curious minds to forty four there often to doubt coming up right now get I told you Carino boosted Pablo public radio booster and it's plus sixteen hundred on career stats Nadal minus five thousand the number one Federer is mine is six twenty five against more tone of foods rich and it look better how long did you go did you two more hours and three minutes wow you got it like three minutes yeah not too bad Medvedev minus nine oh nine again so Popper and buy sell it you had to go five sets will take on round it's now around instead of Canada minus one seventy five there and wi fi for the needy and scientists anger and we'll go and five five Minnie minus one fifty four there and then Novak Djokovic minus three thousand three hundred thirty three dollars to one hundred against Diego Schwartzman I like towards which worked as a guy worse hat backwards young kid but it's got a lot of moxie and he's a plus fourteen hundred so keep an eye there on the ladies side let me just see remember Wozniacki played her last match last night she announced her retirement she got beaten three sets hi Ashley forty is the number one seed she will take what else Alison Riske from the United States board is a minus four hundred query Goff is a plus one thirty gets a

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