Report: Philadelphia Eagles Won’t Hire Offensive Coordinator


And it from an eagle standpoint does anybody feel good about this set up here where there's no offense of coordinator what I'm really starting to worry about here is I thought that one of the great strengths of Doug Peterson was that he was flexible that he was a listener that he was taking input that it was a guy who were his quarterback could walk over to in a super ball on fourth down and suggest the play and Doug rolls with it that's what I loved about dog what worries me now is Doug is a bit of a control freak and the fact that you're not gonna be calling plays may be your input is gonna be taking all that seriously this job as an office a quarter is not that appealing like this wasn't the plan all along clearly if that was the plan you would just elevated couple these guys away it so you don't know what I'm talking about we'll get to the list of one second here but if you're not sure what I'm talking about Doug Peterson will continue to call plays and be the the head coach there will not be an offense of coordinator named Jeff stoutly who's the offense of line coach and do Staley who's already running backs coach and assistant head coach are give me the run game coordinators press Taylor who was the quarterbacks coach last year is still the quarterbacks coach but he's also the passing game coordinator now they've also brought on rich asking around well who was a former offensive coordinator for the Broncos and a fire danger brighter they brought him in as well to add to the offense of staff but this to me reeks of guys we really wanted to talk to didn't have interest in talking to us or we were blocked in the case of my calf got and which left us with the pool of guys that weren't all that impressive so we didn't pull the trigger on any of them so we're gonna stay Pat with what we have and just elevate these guys I don't like it I don't have a good feeling for another good sense Ford I wanted somebody to comment I know its Geiger Rollo and and and brighter from the outside but I wanted somebody to come in from the outside to have a strong voice without Peterson and it doesn't appear that that's gonna

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