Quentin Tarantino Discusses 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'


Popcorn where we talk about the movies and one of my favorite movies of this year this decade of forever called once upon a time in Hollywood directed by this guy. Quentin Tarantino thank. You very much really appreciate the decade Monica. Give that to to to a nine to a movie that falls on the nine. No but you have to do. Usually you're supposed to years go by but this movie speaks to people like me I I according to get the jokes jokes. They'll get a two when they see it. But it's a pleasure to have you here. It's good to geek out a little bit about about this movie. Which is now the BLU ray now? Yeah ended up coming out no extending the cat. It's still cut but we have about twenty minutes of extra stuff off talk about this. You know everybody has it on their best list and it's nominated for every single. Does that matter to you anymore. It's fun it's it's Nice. It's really wonderful to like actually do movie and then kind of be in that like winners circle of we were talking about just before the show started between between like the seven or eight movies people are talking about and to be invited to the different parties. And No. That's actually really fun. Like I've been there where I thought I had one of the best movies. And it's not in that roundup so it's actually nice to be in the mound up. I want to know what was the genesis of this one. What was the first thing? Not because he sat down and started to write it. When was this in your head? Well this was kind of a long process similar to other inglorious bastards where I kind of I had the idea as opposed to okay. I'm going to sit down and bang out this script. That wasn't really kind of the case. Here this was more kind of an exploratory kind of thing so there was a couple of years. I'm just kind of figuring out who the characters were and I wasn't in any hurry to sit down and write a movie script even like my very first couple years of writing on it. I wrote it as a novel or at least a couple of chapters as a novel in exploratory way. Then he even wrote that like the The Al Pacino seen in Musso and frank's that has one act play at one point and that because I was planning on doing it as a player even planning on doing. I didn't know how I was going to do it. But it was more an exploratory Tori writing exercise but the the initial I Guess Genesis of the whole thing was It was a while ago I was making a movie and I was dealing with a an older action. He kind of Guy Actor and I'm doing the film And then he comes to me and he goes you know Quinton I have a stunt double and he's been my stunt double for about nine years now now I haven't I'm a bust your balls about it because there's not really anything for them to do but there is a gag coming up on Thursday. He could do that so if if you wouldn't mind. Maybe we could be a nice thing to throw him something and he could come on Thursday and do that thing and that would be good good for me. and He's good you'll like like yeah. Sure no worries so Thursday rolls around and he shows up and he does a great job with this stunt nowhere but anyway the dais going on and part of the thing about about about their relationship is like you can tell it's been going on for nine years. You could tell that there was a time that this guy was the perfect double double for the actor perfect. You could've shot close ups with the stunt guy and they would have passed. This time was not that that child kind of grown in different directions. And and you could tell this was like maybe the last or second the last thing that they'd be doing together and I kind of glance over and I see the two of them sitting in a director's chairs on the set talking. They're smoking cigarettes and just shooting the breeze and and naturally since one guy is the stunt guy the other guy there actually both dressed an identical costumes. which is that's the relationship they do and like the stunt guy has got his hair done in a cockamamie way that resembles the actor? And they're both wearing the same costume and they're smoking cigarettes and watching them talk. And I'm I'm seeing the whole nine years of their relationship and I know that this is the tail end of it and I'm watching them talk and I'm like wow. These guys have been buddies for a long time and they've been working buddies and it's an interesting friendship because yes I'm sure it's a friendship but one is working for the others. There's a subservient this implied. And all that but you know an actor does a lot of movies all right on this movie. He knows the director and he's friends and this other movie he knows an an actor took and their friends. But there's a lot of what we know anybody until he gets to know them but the stunt guy he does know. And that's his little buddy on the set that they can talk and bs with each other. So I'm sitting there watching this relationship as you just kind of talk to each other sitting there director's chairs dressed identically to each other and I thought wow that's an interesting relationship if ever. I do a movie about movies about the making of entertainment. That could be an interesting way in the relationship. Issue between an actor and a stuntman is and it was thank you. I have to show this clip now because it goes right to what you were saying. Let's just look. Did you. Just come prepared for that. Yeah and you were going to go with the clip is Kurt Russell. Let's run that clip. Let's see nothing is asking you to help me. Yeah man the answer is no the the answer is no not not no excuse. And this ain't and in Guadeloupe picture and I can't afford to hire a bunch of guys that smoke cigarettes and sit around talking to each other all day on the chance that I might use them. I got a four man team here. Rick I need more the net I got to get it approved and you know I gotTa look after my. Hey you're doing were better match me. I'd say okay. You got the. But that's not the case in note he he. He's a great match. You could do anything you want him to drop off a building. A lot of on fire with flanking Lincoln right get creative whatever you want. He's happy for the opportunity. I don't dig him and I don't think the by he brings. Oddly enough it's actually funny. Just even me telling that little story and watching that scene that actually ended up being very removing actually watching like rick fighting for his guys. I really do anything. You could beat them up but it's not a do raise is your anymore guy's GonNa get hired. He's got he's got he's got to talk the talk. He's got to convince the stunk after the do it does for him. Now we're in that world of Sharon Tate and the Manson's no. Was that always what you wanted to have. As part of this around with this well there was always part part of it because I like the idea for a couple of reasons one. I like the idea of exploring the character of Sharon Tate. Who through through the sensationalism of the circumstances and the sensationalism of history has almost been reduced to a an extra in her own story Lori to some degree? And of course I wanted to deal with Charles Manson and the family. Because I'm kind of dealing with Hollywood mythology at that that time Los Angeles County mythology and they are part of that fabric. You almost can't deal with that That city without thinking about them and also in in dealing with the the ups and the downs of Holly of that Hippie Hollywood they were part of that fabric but one of the things. I'm really proud about about the movie. And part of it is just Margot's enchanting performance that she gives is if I'm dealing with an audience that's eight hundred people in the theater for the most part those eight hundred people before the movie started when they thought Sharon tate they just. I thought about her murder. They thought about her as a murder victim. And I think the perception of Sharon has changed since this movie has played out during the year. Now people think about her as more than just a murder victim they think about her as a person they think they contemplate the life that she lived. She is a A character she's a person she's more than a murder statistics. She seems to be living her own life while the other characters are part of the story. Yeah no well that that was actually kind of that was that was that was done purposely because part of the thing is you. I mean the whole movie. I spent all this time figuring out who the characters were and Dan. At some point I had to. I actually asked myself the question. I was like okay. Okay now. I'm ready to do it. I have my milieu. I know I know the environment and I know the characters. What story do I want to tell me? Quinton Lily ask myself the question. What story do you WanNa tell and oh I thought to myself well you know I had a story in mind? You could imagine like Elmore Leonardy Kinda store. The even Clinton and Ricky feel like Leonard type type of characters. But then I thought about. I don't know I don't think I really WanNa tell a movie story or have a movie. The plot I actually think I just wanted to do a day in the life or a few days in the life of these characters and I actually think the characters are strong enough to hold it and I actually think the milieu that I'm creating being in the in the town itself is enough to hold it so in that regards. I didn't WANNA come up with necessarily plot for Sharon. I just wanted the to have us watch her live her life. She runs errands she drives around. She talks to a couple of her friends. She gets a book she goes to see the movie and and to me it was an aspect of just watching her just live her life. undramatically is kind of what was robbed from her. And that's what we could

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